Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes a darker turn compared to its predecessors, introducing death as a real consequence within the game’s narrative. A question many fans have is whether Mac Gargan, known as Scorpion, meets his end in this installment. This guide delves into Scorpion’s fate in the game, providing a detailed walkthrough of the events leading to his demise.


Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

Is Scorpion Dead In Marvel’s Spider Man 2

In the early stages of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players control both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. A significant portion of this gameplay occurs at The Raft, a high-security prison for some of the most powerful villains in the Spider-Man universe. Here, we see notorious characters like Scorpion and Mister Negative being transferred onto armored ships. However, things take a chaotic turn when Kraven the Hunter and his henchmen disrupt the process, enabling Scorpion to break free after he stings Miles with his hallucinogenic tail.

This event triggers a surreal, hallucination-fueled segment of the game similar to Mysterium segments, after which the narrative shifts to a hunt for Kraven the Hunter. However, when players finally encounter Scorpion again, the circumstances are shocking.

Peter discovers a list in Kraven’s lair, featuring various villains, with Scorpion at the top. This isn’t a team-up roster but rather a hit list, and Scorpion is the prime target. A subsequent scene reveals a brutal confrontation between Kraven and Scorpion, where Scorpion stabs Kraven with his stinger. Unfazed, Kraven retaliates by severing Scorpion’s stinger and using it to stab him. The fight culminates in Kraven choking Scorpion to death.

The game doesn’t shy away from the grim reality of this scene, presenting a stark image of Mac Gargan’s lifeless body, marking the end of Scorpion in the Spider-Man universe.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 doesn’t hesitate to explore themes of life and death, choosing to portray these realities upfront. The decision to kill off a classic villain like Scorpion signals a more mature narrative direction. While it’s a grim conclusion for the character, it adds a layer of seriousness and unpredictability to the game, reminding players of the high stakes in superhero battles.