In the realm of gaming, few things can disrupt your experience more than an unexpected crash.This scenario, unfortunately, has been a reality for numerous gamers playing Spider Man 2 on PS5. But worry not, for this guide is your beacon of hope. We delve deep into the causes and meticulously crafted solutions to these crashes, ensuring your gameplay is as seamless as Spiderman’s web-slinging.


How To Fix Spider Man 2 Crashing On PS5

Ensure your PS5 isn’t overheating and that all connected hardware is functioning properly. A simple restart can work wonders. Power your PS5 down entirely, wait a few moments, then restart.

Firmware Fixes

The heart of your PS5 is its system software. An outdated system firmware can not only cause crashes but also affect your console’s overall performance. Navigate through the settings to check for system updates regularly and ensure your console runs on the latest firmware: “Settings” > “System” > “System Software” > “System Software Update and Settings.”

Game Data Management

Corrupted game data can be a silent antagonist in your gameplay story. It’s prudent to manage and maintain your game data, ensuring it’s free from corruption. The PS5 offers options to check and repair corrupted data, a feature that can be accessed through the system’s settings.

Reinstallation – The Last Resort

If the web of solutions above doesn’t restore your gameplay, reinstallation is your final frontier. While it’s the most time-consuming solution, reinstalling Spiderman 2 can fix potential glitches that went unnoticed during the initial installation. If the crashes persist, it might be time for a fresh install. Delete the game from your system and reinstall it from your library.

PS5 Database Rebuilding

For system-related hiccups, turn off your PS5 and hold the power button until you hear a second beep. Connect your controller via USB and select “Rebuild Database.”

Note: Corrupted cache files can be the culprits. Power down your PS5, enter safe mode, and select “Clear System Software Cache.”


  • Q: Can updating the game fix the black screen issue? A: Yes, ensuring your game is updated to the latest version can resolve black screen problems and other performance issues.
  • Q: What if I encounter a white screen glitch? A: Similar to the black screen issue, this could be a display issue. Try adjusting the video output settings or check for updates.
  • Q: How do I clear cache files on PS5? A: Enter PS5 safe mode and select the “Clear System Software Cache” option.
  • Q: Can overheating cause Spiderman 2 to crash? A: Absolutely. Ensure your PS5 has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating issues.
  • Q: What should I do if reinstalling doesn’t fix the crash? A: If all else fails, it might be a hardware hiccup. Check your PS5 and all accessories for any potential faults.