In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, enhancing your suit with the right tech upgrades is crucial for taking on the challenges that lie ahead. These upgrades bolster both Peter and Miles in various aspects such as health, damage, focus, and traversal. Here’s a guide to the best suit tech upgrades you should consider unlocking first.


Best Suit Tech Upgrades, Effects, And Cost

Amazing Health 1HealthIncreases health by 10, bringing the maximum health to 110.225 Tech Parts, 8 Rare Tech Parts
Combo King + The Floor Is Lava:DamageAbilities recharge slightly on every 10th hit of a combo, and successive air attacks increase in damage (up to 50% extra), resetting when landing.225 Tech Parts, 8 Rare Tech Parts
The Best Defence + Life LinkHealthSlightly heal on every 10th hit of a Combo or Web-Shooter hit heal you slightly.225 Tech Parts, 8 Rare Tech Parts
Double FocusFocusAdds an additional Focus Bar, allowing more frequent healing or the use of 2 Focus Bars for Finishers on Brute enemies.170 Tech Parts, 6 Rare Tech Parts
Focused Strike + Target AcquisitionIncreases Focus rewarded by abilities by 10% and automatically tags enemies detected with Scan.205 Tech Parts, 4 Hero Tokens
Triple FocusFocusAdds a third Focus Bar, increasing opportunities for Healing and Finishers.220 Tech Parts, 8 Rare Tech Parts
Healing FocusFocusIncreases the amount healed by Focus.230 Tech Parts, 10 City Tokens
Amazing WingsTraversalExtends the glide duration with the Web Wings.
Cost: 170 Tech Parts, 1 Rare Tech Part
170 Tech Parts, 1 Rare Tech Part
Acrobat + ChargedTraversalBoosts Point Launch to maximum power and enhances Charge Jump and Slingshot Launch, sending you higher and further.205 Tech Parts, 5 City Tokens
Spectacular SwingTraversalIncreases swing speed.210 Tech Parts, 4 Hero Tokens
All Seeing + Active SpiderTraversalReveals Tech Crates on your minimap and increases the height of Spider-Jump and distance of Spider-Dash.225 Tech Parts, 6 Hero Tokens
Ultimate SwingTraversalMaximizes swing speed.240 Tech Parts, 10 Hero Tokens

These upgrades not only enhance your performance in combat but also improve your mobility around the city, making you a more efficient and effective hero. Remember, choosing the right upgrades early on can significantly ease your journey through the game. Good luck, and enjoy swinging through the streets of New York!

Understanding Suit Tech Upgrade Categories in Spider-Man 2

1. Health Upgrades

  • Purpose: Health upgrades are vital for increasing Spider-Man’s survivability during encounters with enemies. By boosting his maximum health and enhancing health regeneration capabilities, these upgrades are essential for enduring tougher battles and more challenging segments of the game.
  • Impact: Directly increases the amount of damage Spider-Man can withstand before being defeated, allowing players to make more mistakes and take more risks.
  • Ideal For: Players who find themselves often in the thick of combat or those facing difficulties in enemy encounters, especially at higher difficulties.

2. Damage Upgrades

  • Purpose: Damage upgrades enhance Spider-Man’s offensive capabilities. These improvements can increase the damage dealt by standard attacks, combo moves, and even special abilities.
  • Impact: Enemies are defeated more quickly, boss battles are shortened, and players can more efficiently clear areas densely populated with adversaries.
  • Ideal For: Players who prefer an aggressive playstyle, aiming to take down enemies as swiftly as possible, or those looking to streamline their combat encounters.

3. Focus Upgrades

  • Purpose: Focus upgrades are centered around Spider-Man’s Focus Meter, which is crucial for executing finisher moves and healing during combat. Enhancements in this category allow for faster focus generation and increased utility from focus usage.
  • Impact: Players can use finishers more frequently, eliminating tougher foes with ease, and heal more often, increasing resilience in combat.
  • Ideal For: Players who rely heavily on finisher moves for dealing with enemies or those who need frequent healing, especially when learning enemy patterns and attack sequences.

4. Traversal Upgrades

  • Purpose: Traversal upgrades improve Spider-Man’s mobility, affecting how he moves around the city. These can enhance swinging speed, jump height, wall-running, and overall maneuverability.
  • Impact: Faster and more efficient navigation through New York City, allowing players to reach objectives, collectibles, and mission markers more quickly. It also enhances the experience of free-roaming, making it smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Ideal For: Players who love exploring the game’s open world and want to optimize their travel time between missions or those who enjoy the thrill of high-speed swinging and parkour.

Each upgrade type offers distinct advantages, and the best choices often depend on your individual playstyle and the challenges you face in the game. Balancing upgrades across these categories can lead to a more well-rounded and versatile Spider-Man, capable of handling any threat that comes his way.