In the vast universe of “Spider-Man 2,” players have the opportunity to don various suits, each offering unique aesthetics and sometimes abilities. One such coveted attire is the Arachknight Suit, known for its stark white color that stands out in the urban jungle of New York. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can acquire the Arachknight Suit for Peter Parker in the game.


The primary prerequisite to unlock the option of acquiring the Arachknight Suit is to level up your character to Level 20. This milestone is typically achieved around the midway point of the main storyline. Engage in various activities, missions, and side quests to accumulate experience and climb the levels.

These are essential components used for crafting and upgrading. You’ll need to gather 45 Tech Parts, which can be obtained through completing specific missions, defeating enemies, or finding them hidden throughout the city.

Arachknight Suit in Spider Man 2 crafting specs.

City Tokens are rewards from completing certain citywide activities and challenges. Make sure to participate in these side activities to earn the tokens you need.

Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can craft the Arachknight Suit. Access the Spider-Man menu by pressing the Touchpad, navigate to the ‘Suits’ section, find the Arachknight Suit, and select it for crafting. If the dominant white of the Arachknight Suit doesn’t entirely match your style, the game offers customizable styles for this outfit. You can alter its appearance while still enjoying the benefits that come with the suit.

  • The Arachknight Suit is accessible relatively early in the game compared to other suits, like the No Way Home Suit. To expedite the process, focus on progressing through the main story to reach Level 20 swiftly.
  • Engage in extracurricular activities to earn more Hero Tokens and Rare Tech Parts. These resources are invaluable for unlocking various styles and suits in the game.

With the Arachknight Suit equipped, you’re ready to swing through New York with a fresh look. The suit doesn’t just offer aesthetic appeal; it’s a symbol of your accomplishments in the game.