Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements Guide – Complete List Of Shortcut Requirements

Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements Guide

Spelunky 2 gives players the opportunity to create shortcuts to make things a bit easy. However, creating a shortcut in Spelunky 2 is a difficult task in itself. There are requirements that players must fulfill for each shortcut. Our Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements guide will help players with all of the requirements that players need to fulfill.

Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements

Spelunky 2 only lets players create three shortcuts and for each shortcut there are requirements. First, to unlock shortcuts players need to find Terra. Terra is an NPC who has hit a dead-end while creating her own shortcuts. Players will have to provide Terra with cash and resources to create shortcuts. Our Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements guide will help players with all the requirements that they need to fulfill to create them.

The first time players encounter Terra is at the end of world 1-4. Players will have to visit here three times and each time players have to complete certain requirements.

The second time they meet Terra is at the end of world 3-1. This shortcut has its own requirements. The third time players meet Terra at world 5-1 and here the shortcut has completely different requirements.

Shortcut 1-4 Requirements

The first requirement if to donate $2,000 to Terra. For the second visit, save a bomb and give it to Terra. On the third visit, players need to donate $10,000.

The last requirement is a bit much but, not impossible. Players need to grab gems and gold as much as they can and try to spend as less as they can in the store. Slowly but surely, players will have $10,000 that they can donate to Terra.

Shortcut 3-1 Requirements

The first time players visit Terra in world 3-1, they have to donate a rope. The second time players visit Terra, they have to donate any weapon to her. If players go through the jungle, they’ll come across an enemy with a boomerang. Hold on to it even past the boss fight and then donate the boomerang to Terra.

The third requirement for the Shortcut in World 3-1 is to donate a mount. Players can give any of the mounts to Terra but first, they have to get it to the World 3-1. For that, take the World 1-4 shortcut and then take the lava path. Here players will find Turkeys and Lava Dogs. Take either to Terra alive. Lava Dogs are recommended here as they are resistant to fire damage and easier to keep alive.

Shortcut 5-1 Requirements

For this Spelunky 2 shortcut in World 5-1, players’ first requirement is to donate $50,000 to Terra. Of course, players will have to grind in order to donate that much money. However, Golden Idols in World 3 are worth $20,000 each. If you manage to get them, you’ll easily be able to donate $50,000 to Terra.

The second requirement of the Spelunky 2 World 5-1 shortcut is to give a Hired Hand to Terra. Players can find one in a coffin in the Ice Caves, just before this shortcut. The cave will be filed with Yetis. First, kill all the Yetis and use bombs to create a path out of the cave. Then free the Hired Hand and quickly get to the exit before it kills itself.

The final requirement for Shortcut 5-1 is to donate the Golden Key to Terra from World 1. Players will come across the Golden key in the first area. Bring it to Terra in World 5-1 and give it to her.

That is all for our Spelunky 2 Shortcut Requirements guide with tips on all of the requirements that players need to fulfill to unlock shortcuts. For more on the game, also see our Beginner’s Guide and How to Save Dogs.

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