Spelunky 2 is a rogue-like game that requires a lot of skill and timing from players. Obviously, the game isn’t a walk in the park and demands players to read the room and make split-second decisions. In our Spelunky 2 Beginner’s Guide, we will help players with basic tips and tricks that they need to know in order to complete a level and eventually, the game.

Spelunky 2 Beginner’s Tips And Tricks

As I mentioned above Spelunky 2 demands skill and quick reflexes from its players. Players will die a lot and each death will make players learn something that’ll help them get even further into the level. However, levels are procedurally generated and with each death, the level layout changes.

Meaning, the only way to move forward is to learn how the levels work, how enemies attack, and more. Our Spelunky 2 Beginner’s Guide will help players with the basic tips and tricks that’ll help them last longer in a level as this guide will give you a slight advantage from the beginning of the game.

Don’t Abandon Pets

Pets can help players a lot, especially, at the start of a level. As the level starts, players will have our hit points and low health and a pet can solve that problem.

Also, if players manage to complete the level with their pet alive, they’ll get a kiss which increases the player’s health by one point for the next level.

Players have to find their pet and find it, they’ll make a noise as the player goes through each zone. Players must follow the noise it could be a bark, meow, or squeak. Follow the sound and players will find the pet hidden in the level. Just go it and grab the pet.

Not Everything Is Procedural

Every level in Spelunky 2 is procedurally generated and with each death, the layout of the level changes. However, the procedural generation of the level follows a certain set of rules and there is always a logical path to get to the exit in each level.

Every level has a path that’ll take players to the exit without having them use their ropes or bombs and be creative to make their way.

Every level has a clear path to the exit and players just have to find it. If players hit a dead end, they just need to head back and take another path to the exit. If need be, use your ropes and bombs to make your way to the exit.

Experimentation Is The Key

The level layout in Spelunky 2 is not set in stone. After every death, players will have to start the level from the beginning and every time the level layout will change.

At the start of the game, players will die a lot but, that’s part of the learning curve. Experiment with the game and learn how the levels work, how enemies attack.

Experimentation is the key in Spelunky 2 as without it, players won’t learn much. When a new enemy appears, lure it in and learn its attack pattern. This is a basic risk and reward strategy. It’s about learning how the game works and not about just racing to the exit.

This means, players will die a lot and that’s a good thing as long as you are learning. Once the players are confident that they have learned enough, then it’s time for them to get to the exit.

How To Use Bombs And Ropes

Every run of Spelunky 2 starts players with fou bombs and four ropes. These are precious resources for players to be creative with and make their own path towards the exit.

These bombs and ropes are limited and players have to have an idea about when and how to use these items. Players can buy these from shops that appear randomly in the level but, given that it’s random, don’t rely on it too much.

How To Use Bombs
Bombs are explosives that players can use to create a shortcut, killing enemies, and freeing up currency stuck in the ground. Bombs have a short-timer before they explode so, players need to time their throws.

Also, take precautions when trying to make way to the hidden pet as it can kill the pet you are trying to retrieve.

Players can use ropes to climb upwards, when players tow the rope it’ll go upwards and players can climb them. Ropes are best used to get players out of the dead ends.

Players can use ropes to avoid traps by going above them. Also, players can use the rope to drop down safely from a long drop. Also, keep in mind that ropes take them to catch when players deploy them and can’t be used instantly.

Always Hold Something To Throw At Enemies

Spelunky 2 has a lot of items that players can pick up and use them to their advantage. Players can even pick up and hold bodies of their fallen foes.

Players can use these items as a means of defense or offense. Players can pick up and hold small items like rocks, skulls, and pots for as long as they want.

As for the enemies, players can hit them with their whip and they’ll knock out temporarily. In this state, enemies have swirling stars over their heads, and players can pick them up and throw them. However, if the enemy wakes up while the player holds then, the player will take damage.

Also, if the enemy takes too much damage then it’ll be knocked our permanently. Players can pick these enemies up and hold them indefinitely.

Items that players hold can also be used for defensive purposes. If the player is holding an enemy or any other items and a trap is triggered, it’ll hot the item the player is holding and will save the player.

Furthermore, players can throw items to trigger traps ahead of them so they can pass without taking damage.

Unlock Shortcuts

Players will have the opportunity to create shortcuts here times while playing Spelunky 2. Creating these shortcuts is very important and players must create them.

Players will get the chance to create a shortcut at the end of the first area. The second shortcut can be created at the end of the third area while the third shortcut can be unlocked at the end of the fifth area.

However, you won’t get to unlock these shortcuts just by getting to the end of the area once, players will have to do it multiple times. The first shortcut can be created after players have completed levels 1 – 4 three times.

The first time player needs to bring $2,000, the second time they need to ring a bomb, and the third time players need to bring $10,000 to complete the shortcut. Unlocking these shortcuts might be difficult but unlocking them is important as they are very useful.

General Tips

With the important Spelunky 2 beginner’s tips and tricks out of the way let’s take a look at general tips and strategies that will greatly help players. The following tips and tricks for Spelunky 2 are for Exploration, Combat, And Items.

Walking Is Useful
While the game demands players to be fast and make quick decisions but, it’s not a good strategy to use all the time. Walking can be very useful as it’ll help players with not walking into a trap.

Look Before You Jump
Before jumping ahead, make sure there are no arrow traps.

Hidden Enemies
Enemies can be hidden inside vases. Either attack the vases from a distance using your whip or hold the vase and throw it against a wall.

Whip Jump
While gabbing a ledge players can use the whip to bounce back a few steps back. This can be very useful in certain situations like getting away from an explosion.

Camera Tricks
If players hold down while on the ground will make the camera show a little bit of what’s down there. It can be very useful to see what you are about to jump in. The same goes for if you move upwards.

Be Quick To Complete A Level
Each level has a three-minute countdown timer. If the player takes more than that then an unrelenting ghost will chase them until they clear the level.

Hold Items While On A Mount
Players can grab and hold items while on the mount. But, attacking will throw the item.

How To Take Monti To The Next Level
Players can take Monti with them. Just whip ’em and they’ll start running. After that, players just have to guide them to the exit. Also, don’t use the whip on them more than once otherwise, you’ll kill them.

How To Tame Turkey
Turkey is one of the mounts in Spelunky 2. Players first have to tame the mount. Jump on them and try to stay mounted while it runs around. If players manage to stay mounted for a short while, the turkey will be tamed.

Don’t Hurt Turkeys
Yang is an NPC to which players can bring turkeys. However, if the player brings a dead Turkey or harms the ones already in his pen will make yang attack the player. Believe me, you don’t want that.

Leave Monti At The Exit
Players can leave Monti on the door to the next level and keep spelunking or exploring the current one. Monti will go through the door on its own and when the player crosses, they’ll get the extra heart.

Take Your Mounts With You
Players can take their mounts with them to the next level.

Stunned Enemy Is Better Than A Dead One
Players will come across a bloody altar while playing. Bring a dead body to the altar as a tribute and gain favors. However, if the player brings a stunned enemy, they’ll gain more favors and increase the chances of getting an item.

Turkey Can Save Player From Falling
If players are mounted on a turkey and are falling down, hold the jump button and Turkey will ease the fall.

Don’t Miss Challenge of the Moon
the first Challenge of the Moon can be very expensive but don’t miss out on it as players will get their initial investment back along with a few additional items.

Light The Torches
Lighting the torches will not only illuminate dark areas but, will also reward the player with gold.

Don’t Worry About Leaving Companions Behind
Companions will themselves follow players to the next level once they get to the next area.

Don’t Mess With The Shopkeeper
If the player kills the shopkeeper either by accident or on purpose, the shopkeeper will start hunting the player. The NPC will be at the exit of each level following that.

Stomp Like Your Life Depends On It
Players can stomp on any enemy and it’ll deal damage. Stomping will kill or, at least, stun pretty much all enemies.

Bats Are Dangerous
Players can easily kill bats but if they miss the first hit, the bats can hit players multiple times. So be careful.

Horn Lizards Can Only Attack What They See
Horn Lizards will only attack players if they are in the lizard’s line of sight. If the player is behind them, then they won’t attack.

Kill Enemies By Pressing Them
If the player is moving a stone block towards a wall and an enemy is between them, the enemy will get killed.

Beware Of The Caveman
The caveman will pick up dropped keys, idols, and other items if the player doesn’t pick them up first.

Spiders Don’t Attack Immediately
When Spiders drop on the ground, they don’t immediately attack. Players can seize this opportunity and run past behind them and hit them.

Snakes Will Attack No Matter Where They Are Looking
Don’t get too cocky if a snake is moving in the opposite direction. Snakes can quickly turn around and attack players.

Scarabs Are Your Friends
Scarabs don’t hurt players, just approach them and grab the gold coins they give.

Rope Can Be A Weapon
If players throw a rope and an enemy gets in the way, it’ll damage the enemy.

Flying Skulls Disappear
Knocked down flying skulls will disappear so players must stomp them or hit them with a throwable item to quickly dispose of them.

Monkeys Are Theives
Monkeys don’t attack players but they’ll get on the character’s back and steal items. This also includes bombs and they’ll immediately explode.

Rock Dogs Are Nothing On Their Own
Caveman will often attack while riding Rock Dogs. If players stomp on them or manage to separate them, Rock Dogs will just stand still and won’t attack.

Robots Are Useful
Stomp or activate the button on the robots will make them explode. This explosion can be used to create a new path without using your own bombs.

Don’t Attack The Shopkeeper Without The Shield
Taking on the Shopkeeper is a daunting task but, if the temptation is too much then steal the shield first if they are selling it. With the shield, the shopkeeper won’t attack and players can push him to the wall and kill him.

Rock Dogs Are Also Mounts
Players can mount the Rock Dogs like the Turkeys and can shoot fireballs. The rest of the move set is identical.

Avoid Pangxie
Pangxie is one of the most difficult enemies that players will encounter in Spelunky 2. They can spit poisonous bubbles and can use their claws to deal damage. Just avoid them.

Use The Rope To Find Traps
Players can throw the rope as a decoy to trigger traps ahead of them without getting any damage.

Dead Enemies Are Useful
Players can use the dead bodies of Cavemen or Horned Lizards to kill other enemies. Use your whip to throw them to an area below on an enemy and it’ll crush them.

Arrows and Bombs Can Damage Players
Arrows and bombs can bounce off the walls and might return to players damaging them.

At Least There Is Light
Destroying campfires will give drop a torch for the players to pick up.

Don’t Push
If you but a shield wooden or metal, just make sure you don’t push any item from the shop to the outside. The shopkeeper will take it as a robbery and will attack you.

Throw The Idol
If players aren’t sure about throwing the idol. Just throw it to the wall opposite of the merchant and the game will count it.

1+1 Makes 11
If players throw another rope at an angler where they have already thrown one, the two will combine and become single and a long rope.

Whip The Bomb To Make It Go Away
If players drop the bomb close to them and don’t have enough time to run away, just whip the bomb and it’ll throw the bomb a few steps away.

Ropes Can Catch Fire
Ropes will burn away and will be reduced to ash if they come in contact with lava, torches, or fireballs.

Players can use the Pickaxe on the ground if they are looking up and press the attack button.

Turkey Can Restore Health
If the turkey dies either by an enemy attack or by the player himself, it’ll leave behind a healing item for the player.

That is all for our Spelunky 2 Beginner’s Guide with important tips and tricks that’ll help players in the game. For more on the game, also see our How to Create Shortcuts Guide and How to Bring Turkeys to Yang.

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