Spellbreak Talents Guide – How to Upgrade, Effects

Spellbreak Talents Guide

There are 3 types of talents in Spellbreak: Mind, Body, Spirit. These talents provide players with a variety of effects that, when combined with skills and abilities, can make interesting builds.

Available from the beginning of a match, you’ll be able to upgrade a talent three times. In order to upgrade a talent, you’ll need to read a scroll associated with the type of talent. Lastly, you’ll only have access to 3 talents from the start.

To unlock the rest, you’ll need to reach Mastery Rank 3 or 6 with different classes. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how talents work in Spellbreak.

Spellbreak Best Talents

Talent Required Points Class Unlocks At Effect


Focused Mana 1 N/A N/A When you’ve got >80% mana, your spell damage is increased.
Spellslinger 1 Tempest Level 6 You’re able to store more Gauntlets and Runes in your inventory in addition to increasing your sorcery cooldown.
Runic Fluency 2 Conduit Level 3 +1 maximum Rune charge. Rune cooldown is reduced.
Tracking 2 Frostborn Level 3 Your spells outline targets (even the invisible ones) for a maximum of 6 seconds.
Harmony 3 Toxicologist Level 6 You’re immune to slow, freeze, and shock status effects. You also acquire +15% maximum damage reduction.


Dexterity 1 Tempest Level 3 +25% jump height and a reduction in mana cost for levitation.
Scavenging 1 Conduit Level 6 You’re able to restore armor and HP.
Fervor 2 N/A N/A Increased spell cast speed.
Finders Keepers 2 Stoneshaper Level 3 You get increased chances to find scrolls.
Fortitude 3 Pyrmancer Level 6 You’re able to create a barrier that absorbs a single source of damage.


Escapist 1 N/A N/A Taking damage increases your running speed.
Recklessness 1 Frostborne Level 6 Having no armor increases your spell damage and reduces mana cost.
Recovery 2 Stoneshaper Level 6 You lifesteal a maximum of 50% damage taken for 6 seconds.
Thirsty 2 Toxicologist Level 3 Increased consumption speed for potions and shards. Consuming them also affects nearby teammates for +50%.
Vital Stone 3 Pyromancer Level 3 Disruption resurrects with maximum +50 HP and grants immunity for 4 seconds. Reading a Spirit Scroll refreshes the ability.

These are all the talents you can play around with in Spellbreak. Do check out our detailed Spellbreak wiki guides for more helpful tips and tricks.

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