Spellbreak Runes Guide – Best Runes, Effects, Rarity Cooldowns

Spellbreak runes

Spellbreak gives players plenty of runes to play around with. Runes allow characters to use a third activated ability in Spellbreak. The third ability is usually non-damaging which primarily focuses on mobility. In this guide we will discuss all runes available in Spellbreak and based on the information below you should be able to figure out what are the best runes in Spellbreak.

All Spellbreak Runes and Their Effects

By default, the players have 1 rune charge which recharges when the cooldown timer ends. The timer will pause when the character is hovering. Rune charges refill after use when the player hits the ground or the player uses Wind Surge, Firefly, or Vanishing Mists.

Name  Effects Cooldown Based on Rarity 
Springstep Rune  Leap in the air in the direction your character is moving 
  • Common: 7.5s 
  • Uncommon: 6s 
  • Rare: 5.5s 
  • Epic: 5s 
  • Legendary: 4.5s 
Dash Rune  Dash in the direction you are moving 
  • Common: 9s 
  • Uncommon: 7s  
  • Rare: 6s 
  • Epic: 5s 
  • Legendary: 4.5s 
Invisibility Rune  Be invisible for a short time 
  • Common: 10s 
  • Uncommon: 8s 
  • Rare: 7s 
  • Epic: 6.5s 
  • Legendary: 6s 
Wolf’s Blood Rune  Speed boost and Outline your enemies. Reveal enemies through walls, terrain, and Invisibility for a short time (100m) 
  • Common: 12s 
  • Uncommon: 9.5s 
  • Rare: 8.5s 
  • Epic: 8s 
  • Legendary: 7s 
Featherfall Rune  Boost yourself up in the air and slowly descend down. Casting will end the descend and you need to be grounded to utilize multiple charges. 
  • Common: 14s 
  • Uncommon: 11s 
  • Rare: 10s 
  • Epic: 9s 
  • Legendary: 8s 
Flight Rune  Take flight for a short time. The flight is interrupted by collision or jumping. You need to be grounded to utilize multiple charges. 
  • Common: 18s 
  • Uncommon: 15s 
  • Rare: 12s 
  • Epic: 11s 
  • Legendary: 10s 
Teleporation Rune  Teleport to the enemy within 60m. 
  • Common: 22s 
  • Uncommon: 18s 
  • Rare: 15s 
  • Epic: 14s 
  • Legendary: 13s 
Shadowstep Rune  Be invincible and dash in the direction you’re moving 
  • Common: 13s 
  • Uncommon: 10s 
  • Rare: 8.5s 
  • Epic: 8s 
  • Legendary: 7s 

These were all of the runes currently available in Spellbreak. If you need more help with the game check out the Spellbreak Wiki.

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