Spellbreak Classes Guide – Abilities, Skills, How to Play

Spellbreak Classes Guide

There are a total of 6 classes to choose from in Spellbreak. Each of these classes is equipped with a unique set of skills, abilities, and elemental gauntlet. At the start of a match, you’ll only have to one ability with others unlocking as you progress through a match.

In order to level up a class, you’ll need to make it inside the Spellstorm which will continue to shrink as a match progresses. Depending on your standing in a match, you’ll increase your Mage Rank and Class Mastery Rank that will let you access different cosmetics.

Spellbreak Classes Tips

In this guide, we’ve detailed some handy tips and tricks to help you play all the different classes in Spellbreak, an overview of their abilities, skills, and more.


Frostborn is all about dealing a ton of damage from a long-range. Its primary abilities are called Ice Lance and Flash Freeze.

  • Ice Lance: Throw a sharp ice spear that you can charge to increase its damage.
  • Flash Freeze: Create a freezing aura around you that slows and freezes enemies inside.

Frozen Alacrity Use Ice Lance to freeze any terrain and move on it to travel faster.
Icicle Aiming the ability while airborne will let you hover in the air.
Tundra The duration of Flash Freeze is increased.
Ice Prism The ability to overcharge Ice Lance for increased damage.


Conduit is the master of lightning. It can rapidly fire lightning spells that deal a ton of damage. Its primary abilities are:

  • Lightning Bolt: Shoot multiple lightning bolts rapidly.
  • Lightning Strike: After a brief delay, call upon lightning bolts from the skies.

Potential Energy Holding the button will let you continuously throw Lightning Bolt.
Overload You gain **Rune charges** with Lightning Strike.
Power Surge Lightning Strike reduces the mana cost of your spells to 0 for a while.
Secondary Strike Additional lightning bolts appear when Lightning Strike is cast.


Pyromancer, as the name suggests, is all about zone control and holding down choke points using fiery spells. It’s arguably the easiest class to master in Spellbreak.

  • Fireball: Throw a massive fireball that detonates on impact.
  • Flamewall: It allows you to create a massive wall of fire that sets enemies aflame.

Combust Fireball has more explosion radius.
Firefly You gain immunity against your team’s Flamewall. Passing through it will let you fly for a short duration.
Pyrolysis Increased damage for Flamewall.
Conflagration Fireballs spawn mini-fireballs that seek targets.


The primary strengths of Toxicologist are its invisibility and DoT. It’s another easy character to master if you’re new to the game.

  • Toxic Spray: Emit a spray of toxic gases that damage enemies.
  • Toxic Cloud: You throw a toxic substance that explodes and creates a toxic cloud.

Viscosity Toxic Spray leaves puddles on the ground.
Vanishing Mists You become immune your team’s Toxic Clouds. Entering these clouds lets you dash and gain invisibility.
Outbreak While you’re invisible, you gain increased Toxic Spray damage.
Spreading Sickness Fire additional Toxic Clouds.


Stoneshaper is a defensive class that is all about protecting allies. This is another class that we’d recommend trying out if you’re new to the game.

  • Shockwave: You create a massive shockwave that damages enemies. Remember that you must be on the ground where you wish to cast the ability.
  • Boulderfall: Throw a large boulder toward your enemies.

Stoneskin Shockwave increases your total armor.
Bedrock Casting your shockwave while airborne will let you slam the ground.
Avalanche Maximum Boulderfall charges.
Accretion Boulderfall boulders grow in size while they’re airborne.


An incredibly mobile class in Spellbreak, Tempest is all about staying airborne and dealing damage. Its primary abilities include:

  • Wind Shear: Wind deflects spells from enemies and damages them.
  • Tornado: A massive tornado pulls all nearby enemies (on ground and air) toward it.

Wind Surge Fire the Wind Shear at the ground to leap into the air.
Updraft You’re immune to your team’s Tornadoes. Jumping into them lets you fly.
Squall You gain increased spell damage while airborne.
Sudden Gust Being airborne reduces your sorcery cooldown.

These are all the classes and their skills in Spellbreak. Check out our detailed Spellbreak wiki for more helpful tips and tricks.

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