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South Asian Retailer Expects PlayStation 5 Price To Stay Around $499


PlayStation 5 price is listed by a South Asian retailer, HomeShopping. The retailer is quite popular in its region. What’s interesting is that the retailer doesn’t expect the price to be over 100K, which is a little over $499. If you add up import duty and sales taxes, the price touches 100K in the region. When asked about the expected retail price for Sony’s next-generation console, the retailer said it is likely to stay under $500.

Earlier, Sony Interactive Entertainment said that the price of the PlayStation 5 isn’t yet decided. However, multiple rumors and reports say Sony won’t be going over $499. The company may have to sell the console at a loss but it will make that money back from Software sales.

What Sony Says About PS5 Price

During a recent earnings call, Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki was asked about the PS5 price. He said they are still not clear about the right price point at this moment.

First, we must absolutely control the labor cost, the personnel cost, it must be controlled. What is not very clear or visible is because we are competing in the space, so it’s very difficult to discuss anything about the price at this point of time and depending upon the price level, we may have to determine the promotion that we are going to deploy and how much costs we are prepared to pay

There is still plenty of time for Sony to finalize the price for its upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming console. The console is slated for a Fall 2020 release. There are rumors that a reveal event is scheduled for Feb.2020 but so far Sony has remained silent about any possible events of this nature.

What do you think is the right price for PS5? Would you get it if it’s over $500?

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