Sony is taking its sweet time to discuss the PlayStation 5. Details have rolled out in segments and fans are getting impatient to see the box itself. But our impatience turned into concern last week when we heard about PS5’s heating issues.


Windows Central’s Dan Rubino and Jez Corden claimed that they have statements from various developers that say PS5 is overheating, and this being the prime reason why Sony hasn’t shown the console, and this also means that the console might be delayed to 2021. The rumor took the internet by storm until Kotaku’s Jason Schreier jumped into the discussion and called this rumor “nonsense.” Jason also pointed out that these people have a history of claiming how PlayStation is doomed. Now, to make matters worse for the credibility of  Dan Rubino and Jez Corden, it seems Sony will soon jump into the matter.

We are hearing reports from multiple YouTubers that Digital Foundry may debunk the PS5 thermal issue rumors in an upcoming explosives video. Digital Foundry is known for diving deep into technical specifications of hardware components and if this video is actually happening, we can expect quite a few interesting details about PS5’s hardware including how it handles heat.

It should be noted that this is unconfirmed for the time being, we are trying to get in touch with more industry personnel to see if Digital Foundry is working on a video on the topic of PS5 heating issue. Video or not, at some point Sony would need to reveal more information to avoid the spread of false information.



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