In the last year or so Sony has filed a ton of patents but this one is probably the most interesting one. The company has filed a patent for a technology that allows users to create multi-view streams and combine them into one view.

A system comprising: a plurality of application/video game instances executed for a particular multi-player video game or application on a hosting service, the application/video game instances being executed in response to control signals received from a plurality of clients; compositing logic executed at the hosting service to combine video streams generated by each of the application/video game instances into a single video stream for a first one of the clients; and compression logic to compress the single video stream with low latency such that the user of the first one of the clients has the perception that the video game or application is being executed locally.

The system generates a separate view window for each client, each video stream has a primary view generated from the perspective of a user and multiple secondary views generated from the perspectives of other players in a multiplayer video game. The multiple-view streams can be seen on mobile devices, tables, or desktop computers.

The extensive patent document is seemingly describing a technology that targets video game streaming. Spectators can view multiple windows at a time to spectate your entire squad, for example, in Call of Duty or Battlefield games. Right now Twitch offers a similar feature but if the user can directly stream a multiple window video from the console itself it would be much more convenient.

Sony is pushing for social features and content streaming on PS5. The create button on the PS5, the user-generated content and social features, all point to the most social gaming system from Sony to date. Whether this tech will be used in PS5 to create multiple-view streams. It could be the next evolution of “Live From PlayStation.”

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