Sony Is Planning To Put A Screen On The Dualshock Controller

Dualshock controller

Sony Computer Entertainment is seemingly planning to put a screen on the Dualshock controller. According to a new patent from the makers of PlayStation, this screen will provide tactile feedback to the players.

What’s really interesting about the design is that the screen comes off. A user can attach or detach this “portable device” from the Dualshock controller (as seen in the image below).

The screen allows the player to navigate in-game menus or the PlayStation Home Screen. An example of its use it provided below where you can see the screen being used to navigate Huldra’s shop in God of War.

In addition to displaying information, this device allows the user to interact with the displayed information. This indicates that for example, while playing God of War you can adjust game settings, your character builds, check out active objectives, and read in-game lore, all without pausing to enter the menu screens.

…enables the user to interact with the content that is being displayed via the information apparatus (screen on the controller). Often, this content will include textual information that a user must-read. In some cases, this may correspond to a system menu, where for example a user can view and configure various settings relating to the information processing apparatus. An example of such a system menu is the “home screen” that is displayed on the start-up of the PS4.

The patent describes a plethora of applications for this technology. From helping the visually impaired to solving in-game puzzles and tracking your game progress, there are a ton of examples.  There is a text-to-speech feature that helps PlayStation be more accessible to the blind. Only time will tell how, when, and if Sony will be using this technology in future PlayStation controllers. PlayStation 5 is around the corner so one can hope to see this feature in the Dualshock 5.  It must be noted that back in 2019 Tech Editor Ray  Sekiro posted a “leak” that showed an image of Dualshock 5 with a touchscreen, was it legit?. We’ll have to see if it makes it to the final design. One thing is for sure,  this sounds way less gimmicky than the bio-feedback feature.


  1. Well there goes the battery life completely. This reminds me of Video Memory Unit (VMU) from Sega dream cast, but those controllers were wired. I’m sorry but this is just another gimmick.

    • Sony worked hard to get away from many gimmicks it created in the past.. I still remember the OG design for DS3. Wow, that thing was bad. The idea is pretty interesting in my opinion, a big quality of life improvement for sure.

  2. Gotta say I agree with you here. We already complain about the battery due to the lightbar. We obviously don’t know what the battery situation will be on the DS5 but I doubt adding a screen will help. Just sounds like another “feature” that’ll be used in like 5 first party games and that’s about it.

  3. @SocoolCurt DS4 battery life isn’t that bad to be honest. I understand the concern but if they remove the lightbar and add a battery efficient screen, it could work.

  4. “On controller” screen could be great for map displays rather than on the main screen for example in games like GTA, where jt could also provide the display for the in-game phone etc. This could improve the “real-feel” of first person games.

  5. what’s stopping them from putting a bigger battery in there? On top of that the screen could be really useful, let’s say you were playing a football game and you want to pick a play that you didn’t want your opponent seeing you can do so right there on your controller.

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