Sony Is Creating A Next-Gen AI Help Assistant For Gameplay Guidance

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Sony Interactive Entertainment, the creator of all things PlayStation, has filed an intriguing patent for a “VOICE HELP SYSTEM USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” and it is presumably one of the features that’ll arrive with PlayStation 5.

Sony’s voice AI help assistant can pull gameplay videos stored on a backend server when a query is made by the player. The following patent was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment on September 26 at the the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

A method for gaming assistance. Information related to a plurality of game plays of players for a gaming application is received over a network at a back-end server. A query is received from a first player playing the gaming application, wherein the query is related to first gameplay of the first player. A current game context of the first gameplay of a first player is determined from the information. A response to the query and the current game context is generated based on the information related to the plurality of gameplays. The response is delivered back to a device of the first player.

It sounds like a community-driven platform integrated with PlayStation Network. If we understand this correctly, players will share their gameplays on PlayStation Network servers and can use the Voice AI Help Assistant to make queries for related community gameplay videos. For example, “Where to Find Assualt Rifle?” or “How to Beat This Boss?”

Usually, YouTube videos and text-based guides are used by players to figure out various aspects of the game such as collectible locations, boss fights, weapons locations, etc. However, if this AI is implemented players will be able to just pause their game and watch a video right there on the console.

The idea is very interesting but as we know, companies file a ton of patents and not all see actual implementation. We’ll have to wait and see how this goes. But whatever Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on at this stage, 99% of it is most certainly for PlayStation 5.

Sony’s next-gen console is releasing sometime next holiday season.

Update: A second patent is discovered that is related to the aforementioned AI. The following patent was also filed on September 26 and discusses “connecting a player to expert help in real-time during gameplay of a gameplay application.”

A method for gaming assistance. Information relating to gameplays of player for a gaming application is received at a back-end server. A current game context of the first gameplay of a first player is determined from the information. Historical expert game contexts of expert gameplays of experts that have played the gaming application are determined from the information. An assistance query related to the first gameplay is received. The current game context of the first player is compared to the historical expert game contexts to determine at least one expert having a corresponding historical expert game context that matches the first game context. A first expert is assigned to the first player for obtaining assistance. A communication session is generated between a device of the first expert and a device of the first player to enable the first expert to render assistance to the first player.

We’ll let you know if something else comes up.


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