There are three Keycards which you can find in Sons of the Forest i.e., Maintenace Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard. You need these to explore the island effectively. Without these, you will miss out on a few useful items that can prove fairly helpful as you reach the endgame. Want to learn where to get these Keycards in Sons of the Forest? We have got you covered!

Sons of the Forest Keycards

You first need to acquire the Shovel for these Keycards. Acquiring the Shovel is a fairly lengthy process which is why we recommend seeing our detailed guide to learn about all the steps needed. It is only after obtaining it, you are able to start searching for these Keycards.

Maintenance Keycard

Immediately after acquring the aintenance Keycard, you will need to head over to a nearby POI. After arriving there, you will need to dig a small patch of loose dirt which will unearth a hatch. Once you climb the ladder down, push through the corridor until you arrive in a room with a 3D Printer. You will find the Maintenance Keycard in the same area, next to a laptop. It is recommended to search the area in its entirety as there are plenty of important things which you do not want to miss.

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard

VIP Keycard

After acquring the Maintenance Keycard, you will be able to work toward getting the VIP. Keycard. You can find it inside a cave which is not far from the Maintenace Keycard.

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard Location

Proceed through the cave until you can climb down a hatch. Keep on pushing forward through water-logged rooms until you see a staircase on the left leading to a surveillance room that has the VIP Keycard inside. It is also recommended to collect the Crossbow before entering the water-logged rooms as it is a very decent weapon.

Guest Keycard

Guest Keycard can be found inside a facility access via a cave near the previous two keycards.

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard Location

After heading inside, proceed through the door which requires the Maintenance Keycard to open. From there, keep on heading forward until you come across a room with a couple of staircases. Once you are up, push through the until you reach the Nightclub. In the area, you will find the Guest Keycard on a small table in the corner. You can also find the Chainsaw in the area if you decide to explore it further.

This is all we have in where to find all the Keycards in Sons of the Forest. If you have got any further questions, feel free to let us know!

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