Rope Gun is almost a necessity in Sons of the Forest. It is essentially a grappling hook that you can use to access otherwise inaccessible areas. You will obviously need to have Rope to be able to use Rope Gun. Looking to add Rope Gun to your arsenal in Sons of the Forest? We have got you covered!

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location

Rope Gun can be found at the very top of a cave that you will need to explore. Before you enter the cave, we recommend stockpiling food, water, and have your best weapons at ready. We also recommend having a Torch since the entirety of the cave is farily dark.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun
Screenshot Courtesy of: Its Shatter

After you have everything you need, enter the cave. Immediately after entering the cave, make sure to stay on the left side. A little further into the cave, you will come across a few corpses with a Time Bomb. There should also be a monster stuck in a crevice nearby. You basically need to throw the Time Bomb onto the monster so that it dies, letting you progress deeper into the cave.

From the point, you simply need to keep walking forward. The path you take hardly matters since you will end up in the same place regardless. Eventually, you will find yourself at the very top of the cliff where you will see the Rope Gun in an open case on your left. Simply collect it and leave the area.

This is how you can acquire Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest. If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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