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Sons of the Forest Infinite Log Duplication Method (Solo)


If you’ve been playing “Sons of the Forest” and have been struggling to gather enough logs to build your structures, then you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use an Infinite Log Duplication Method that works in Solo mode.

While most log duplication glitches require you to play in multiplayer mode, we have discovered a way to do it in Solo mode, which means you can benefit from this glitch even if you’re not playing with others. So, let’s get started and show you how to duplicate logs endlessly in “Sons of the Forest” using this simple method.

Sons of the Forest Infinite Log Duplication

To start, gather some logs and place them on the ground. You’ll also need some sticks to prop up the front of the logs. With the stick in your hand, prop up the front of the logs and knock them down.

As you do this, the logs will pop up from the ground, duplicating them. In some cases, the duplicated log may get stuck under the log on top and follow through the ground.

Infinite Log Duplication
Set up the logs exactly as we showed in the picture.


The glitch may not work forever, as game developers regularly update games to fix bugs and glitches.

To avoid this, try to push the log out of the way instead of just letting it fall down. This gives the duplicated log time to pop up and not fall through the ground.

While this method of log duplication doesn’t work as well as the one in multiplayer mode, it’s still a useful technique. Keep in mind that if you’re using the log glitch months after release when the game has had some updates, this glitch may have been patched. However, if you’re trying the log duplication glitch around the time this article is posted, it should still work.

With infinite logs, you can build houses, roofs, all types of shelters, boats, and so much more. If you like infinite things, we also have a guide on how to farm infinite 9mm ammo in Songs of the Forest.

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