Welcome to the guide for Sons of the Forest Best Quality of Life Mods guide!

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game that requires players to gather resources, craft weapons, and manage their inventory effectively to stay alive.

As players explore the game’s vast and dangerous world, they will encounter various challenges that require careful planning and execution to overcome.

Fortunately, the game’s modding community has developed numerous mods that can significantly enhance the player’s experience and make surviving in the game’s world a little bit easier.

In this guide, we will explore some of the best quality-of-life mods available for Sons of the Forest that can help players streamline their gameplay and focus on the fun and exciting aspects of the game.

Best Quality of Life Mods for Sons of the Forest

  • Faster Inventory Panning
  • Inventory Save File
  • Optimized Settings for Low-End PC
  • Environment Restoration
  • Cave Light

Faster Inventory Panning Mod

If you’re tired of slow inventory panning in Sons of the Forest then there is a clear solution provided by modder Frangodus. They have created a special mod that allows you to adjust the inventory camera’s panning speed, cursor speed, and FOV.

How to Install

  1. Download BepInEx
  2. Drag contents of the BepInEx zip file into the Sons of the Forest game directory (right-click in steam > browse local files)
  3. Open FasterInventoryPanning.zip drag BepInEx into the base game directory
  4. Navigate to BepInEx/config and open FasterInventoryPanning.cfg
  5. Edit the values as desired. I would recommend something around 2 for Speed and 85 for FOV.

Inventory Save File

Sons of the Forest is a tough survival game, many early-game items are hard to find and often take up a lot of time. Especially if you are going after the Modern Axe, Rope Gun, Water Storage Bottle, and Armor. But thanks to modder FinnTastique, you can start your day zero journey with a full inventory. Their inventory save file mod offers a full inventory with every item you can think of.

However, once the inventory runs out you might to check out our Shotgun and Pistol duplication methods. Also, the infinite 9mm farming glitch is quite useful.

How to Install

To install, navigate to your local C drive > Users > Your username > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > SonsOfTheForest > Saves > Your ID > SinglePlayer; and paste the file there.

Optimized Settings for Low-End PC

Sons of the Forest isn’t very optimized for PC and modders aren’t going to take that. Thanks to modder Elias 3323, we have an optimization mod for PC. It promises to improve the game’s performance if you are using a low-end graphics card and CPU.

How to Instal

Copy the mod files in C: Drive > Users > Your username > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > SonsOfTheForest.

Environment Restoration

This environment mod allows you to restore trees and vegetation that were destroyed. It adds a simple .JSON file to the Sons of the Forest installation folder to restore all destroyed trees and vegetation.

How to Install

Go to C drive > Users > Your username > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > SonsOfTheForest > Saves > Your ID > SinglePlayer/Multiplayer; and copy the mod files.

Better Light

With this mod, you can see better at night, especially inside caves. It makes a huge difference in visibility so you can save resources from creating light.

How to Install

  • Open the .exe and find Sons of the Forest on the list and select it.
  • Choose direct X 10/11/12
  • When asked to select preset to install hit browse and navigate to the Let there be Light.ini and then hit next until it is done installing.
  • Start the game you’ll see letters in the upper left corner. Hit the Home key and follow the tutorial or skip it.
  • To set a toggle hit the Home key to open the reshade menu, click settings tab in the top left corner, click in the toggle text box and hit any key, click back to home tab, hit home key to close.

That’s everything you need to know about the best quality-of-life mods currently available for Sons of the Forest.

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