Welcome to our Sons of the Forest Best late-game weapons list. As you journey through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies and challenges that will require you to have the right equipment at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to take down hordes of mutants or defend your base against enemy raids, having the best late-game weapons is crucial for survival.

In this guide, I’ve personally scoured every inch of the game to bring you a comprehensive list of the best late-game weapons available in Sons of the Forest. From powerful clubs and spears to deadly shotguns and chainsaws, I’ll show you where to find every weapon and what you’ll need to do to find them.

Best Late Game Weapons and Where to Find Them

  • Firefighter Axe
  • Crossbow
  • Electric Chainsaw
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol

Firefighter Axe

One of the best late-game weapons to have is the Firefighter Axe. This axe is much stronger than the Modern Axe and since you will be facing a lot of enemies as you progress toward the end of the game, having a Firefighter Axe as your main melee weapon is the best choice.

Firefighter Axe Location

Fire Axe location on the map (you need a shovel to dig)


Crossbow is a great ranged weapon to have late in the game. You can easily take down multiple enemies from a distance and do it quietly. The arrows for this type of bow are easier to find, in fact, you use the same 9mm infinite ammo farming method to get infinite arrows as well.

Crossbow Location

Crossbow location on the map (you’ll need a Maintenance key to get it)

Electric Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw is an epic weapon and a must-have for late game. It is extremely powerful and able to take down tough enemies up close. Have it in your inventory late in the game to deal with mutants that flood your bases.

Electric Chainsaw Location

Electric Chainsaw location on the map (You’ll need a Maintenance key to get it)


Shotguns remain powerful in the early game as well late game. It is the best weapon for crowd control, especially after you get infinite ammo for it. Moreover, you can duplicate shotguns and hand them over to Kelvin and Virginia.

Shotgun Location

Shotgun location on the map (You’ll need a shovel to dig it)


Last but not least, the Pistol is the handiest weapon in the entire game. It doesn’t do the most damage but you can use it to take care of mutants when you’re short on ammo for other weapons. Farm some 9mm and keep a pistol handy for end-game situations. Don’t forget to add pistol attachments.

Pistol Location

Pistol location on the map

That’s all you need to know about the best end-game weapons in Sons of the Forest. Let us know what your favorite late-game weapons are in the comments below.

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