At the end of chapter 2, you were knocked out after trying to escape from the beast. You wake up in the chapel at the start of Chapter 3 “The Camp” in Someday You’ll Return.

Someday You’ll Return Chapter 3 “The Camp”

You are bleeding when you wake up so the first thing to do is make sure you stop bleeding. Use the cloth behind you, cut it with your knife, and wrap around your wound. You will also find the mortar, pestle, and cutting board as well. Look around and you will find a potion for Flower Sense on the desk.

There is a bookshelf to your left with a book on it. The book contains recipes for Purification and Calm Mind as well as the blueprint for the herbalism workbench.

At this point, we hit the pause button for our search for Stella and instead go looking for some herbs.

  • Buckhorn: Garden outside the chapel
  • Henbane: Cross the river and find the wooden garden. You will find Buckhorn and Henbane here
  • Lungwort: Top of the path behind the chapel
  • Devil’s Eyelashes: Take the other path from the happen, the one that doesn’t lead to the cross. You will come across the green door that you can unlock. You will find Buckhorn to your left and Devil’s Eyelashes and Hensbane a little further ahead. Take the next right to find Lungwort and Liquorice. Go to the upper right and find Silverweed and Bachelor’s Button.

Craft all the potions you need with the herbs you have. Now your objective is to find the camp. You can open the map near the chapel and check the signpost next to it which will tell you the path. You need to reach the Lucky Leaf Camp.

Keep following the yellow path until you reach the bridge. You won’t be able to cross it until you drink the Calm Mind potion. Throw the tree branch from the bridge to avoid falling off. Now take the left and you will find some Psilocybe at the end of the path. Now drop down to get back to the main path.

Keep going until you reach a woman in a red coat, now follow the yellow path until you reach the camp. Once you reach the camp look for a note to your left inside the tent. From the left of the cross in the middle of the camp, you will see a red tend and a white tent. Get the map inside the red tent. Now pick up the note inside the green tent in front of the main building. There is another green tent at the back right corner with another note inside.

There is a large building to the right of the entrance which is the mess hall. Go to the back door on the left and locate the fuse box. Use the screwdriver to open it to find the hidden list and a key.

To get into the mess hall you need to turn on the main power source so you can use the fuse box, Follow the power lines to the left of the mess hall. Use the screwdriver again to open the box and turn on the power. Go back to the mess hall basement and turn on the power.

Now open the door in the back left room and go upstairs in the mess hall. Pick up the radio that’s on the table and the keys on the wall. Go to the dining table pick up Cyril and Methodius saga book from the tables.

Use the latch of the radio to get yourself batteries. Put those batteries in the flashlight and go to the main building. To your right, you will find a fuse box. Open the fuse box and put the switch in an upward position and use the key to get inside the main hall.

Use the flashlight and access the room to your right. Investigate the strange box and see the video on the phone. The timer will run out, open the lunchboxes to get yourself a quest document and Inner Eye potion recipe. Look at the table on the back and pick up a book.

In the left hallway you will see a barbed wired door but to open it you need to complete the quest document you found.

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