Solved: How to Fix Nvidia Driver Installation Error

Sometimes the Nvidia Drivers would turn out to be a pain. Often Nvidia drivers fail to install due to installation errors. This usually happens after installing a fresh Windows 10 or while updating your Nvidia drivers. Nvidia Driver Installation Error may pop up for many reasons including the two mentioned above. The user might be running some program in the background that is interfering with the installation. Depending on the problem and its cause there are multiple fixes we will offer in the article.

Fix#1: Close Background Updates

One of the reasons why your Nvidia Installation is failing is Windows 10 running background updates. As you know, Windows 10 updates can’t be stopped, however, you can pause the updates for at 7 days. You can turn off the background updates from the settings menu of Windows 10. Search “Windows Update” in the taskbar at the bottom. Open the “Windows Update” section and pause the updates for 7-days. If the installation is already in process, let it complete and try installing Nvidia drivers again.

Fix#2: Manually Nvidia Driver Installation

Another fix is to uninstall the Nvidia Display Driver and then manually installing the driver using the Nvidia Game Ready Driver Installer.

Step 1 – Go to the control panel and open Apps and Features

Step 2 – Select Nvidia Graphics Driver from the list of installed programs and uninstall the program from your PC.

Step 3 – Restart your PC

Step 4 –┬áNow download the latest drivers from the official Nvidia website and run the installer.

Step 5 – Once at the following screen choose Custom Installation and perform a clean install.

Fix#3: Reset Your Windows 10 PC

The above fixes usually solve the Nvidia driver installation fail error but if nothing works, resetting your Windows 10 PC definitely works. Windows 10 users can find the Reset this PC option by searching for it in the taskbar search feature. Make sure you backup from important files before resetting the rest of the PC. The PC will ask you to select the files you wish to back or completely start fresh. It is up to you how to want to process. In any case, once the PC is reset, manually install the Nvidia drivers as explained above. This should fix the Nvidia driver installation error.

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