Some of your equipment in Soda Dungeon 2 will have a specific number of gem slots. You can either find an item with a pre-slotted gem or do so yourself. Different gems come in different rarities and provide a range of benefits to players when going through a dungeon. In this guide, we’ll outline all these gems that you can acquire in Soda Dungeon 2.


Soda Dungeon 2 Gems

This guide will help you learn all about different types of gems in Soda Dungeon 2, their effects, and crafting them when possible.

Gem Rarity Effects
Red Gem Uncommon It increases your ATK by +5%.
Blue Gem Uncommon You’ll receive a +5% bump to your MP.
Tech Gem Rare A craftable gem in the game, it provides 20 MP and deals 2.2x ATK to enemies.
Target Gem Rare This gem boosts your critical hit damage by +50%.
Aqua Gem Rare With this gem equipped, all of your physical attacks gain +5% increased damage.
Purple Gem Rare You get a +5% chance to evade with this gem equipped.
Gold Gem Rare You receive +10% gold find which is incredible for end-game gold farming, especially when equipped with a certain pet.
Triangle Gem Rare If you wish to level up a character fast, this is the gem you need. Unfortunately, it can only be crafted. When equipped, this will provide you with +10% character mastery XP boost.
Eye Gem Rare This gem increases your item find by +10.
Demon Gem Rare You’re able to reflect +25% damage dealt to you back at the attacker.
Space Gem Rare Another craftable gem, it provides you with +2 MP regeneration and +50 MP in total.
Star Gem Rare With this gem equipped, you receive +50 HP, +25 ATK, and +20 MP.
Pearl Gem Legendary Pearl Gem boosts both your physical attacks and magical attacks by +5% each.


That’s all we’ve got in our Soda Dungeon 2 gems guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Soda Dungeon 2 wiki guides.