How to Sleep in Medieval Dynasty

How to Sleep in Medieval Dynasty

After a long day of hunting, surviving, building, and leading; sleep is integral. If you’re feeling jealous looking at your fellow villagers sleeping in their beds, and you’re wondering how you can get some sleep yourself, it’s time to put your curiosity to bed. It’s very easy to sleep in the Medieval Dynasty, even without a house. Medieval Dynasty is super exciting, but being in early access it leaves many things unanswered, so here is information about getting sleep in the game.

How to Sleep in Medieval Dynasty

Two ways of sleeping in the game are either by building a house and sleeping in a bed, or by starting a campfire. Building a house is a long process and it is very unlikely to get in finished before nightfall. This leaves building a campfire as your best option.

To start a campfire, press the Q button to bring up the crafting wheel. Then, select the “Other” section and then select the “campfire” option. You’ll need 16 sticks to build your campfire, you’ll have the “Simple Campfire” option when you start.

Look at the campfire and press the E button to light it with your touch. After the campfire is lit, hold E to bring up the sleep option and fall asleep. You can go and sleep in your house once its built, when you finish building your house, it will be furnished with a bed and you can sleep in it by interacting with it by pressing E.

Campfires are useful when you are out hunting, and maybe away from your village or house.

This is how you can sleep in Medieval Dynasty. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can check out our detailed Medieval Dynasty wiki guides.

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