You know you’re in for a quest when you see a dragon trying to break into your Skyrim session. The first quest, called “The Unbound,” will start automatically. Keep in mind that this is the first quest, so don’t expect to be powerful right away – you’ll be practically powerless. Go inside the building directly in front of you and find the stairs leading up.

Once the dragon starts using its fire breath, clear out the view by making a hole in the wall with said fire breath. This way, you can take an aerial route by jumping over it and onto any nearby rooftops. After that, Hadvar will be your guide and will be waiting for you outside the home. You must follow Hadvar until he takes you to the branching. You’ll have two chances to choose your running partner:

  • Hadvar: Imperial
  • Ralof: Stormcloak

How to Choose the Best Partner in Unbound Quest for Skyrim

It’s entirely up to you which partner you want to choose, but keep in mind that if you pick Hadvar, the Stormcloak crew will attack. On the other hand, if you pick Ralof, the Imperial soldiers won’t spare you. So choose your partner carefully. However, at the end of the day, Helgen is what you need to get.

The first room, it’s simply a place to learn how to loot if you’re Hadvar’s partner. It’s also time to choose some weapons and equipment that you can use throughout the fight. One of the most crucial things to remember is to pay attention to your stamina gauge while doing any activities or attacks; keep an eye on it, and don’t let it run out completely during battle.

You will be led to a room jam-packed with consumables. You can find things like Potion of Minor Magicka, which will come in handy, or something more fun like Salt Pile or Tankards. To avoid your backpack or inventory becoming clogged with unneeded items, only choose things that you believe are useful.

When you arrive at the entrance of the torture chamber, you will be able to learn about lockpicking from the Lockpicking area. Following are your rewards for picking the cell’s lock:

  • Minor Magicka Potion
  • Book
  • Gold Coins


The Frostbite Spiders will be waiting for you when you go deeper into the caves to fight. It’s critical to kill the spider since it’s the only way to get Frost Venom, which will come in handy while looting egg sacs (Skeever Tails and Spider Eggs). Also, you’ll notice that hanging sacs have begun to give up their grip. You now believe your buddy will be hesitant to battle a sleeping bear. On the other hand, the bear won’t be nearly as powerful and will offer Bear Claws and a Bear Pelt as spoils of war. To conclude this quest, go towards the Skyrim overworld map.

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