The horn of Jurgen Windcaller is hidden in Ustengrav, northeast of Morthal. This area plays host to play spellcasters and draugrs. When you reach the dungeon, explore it like any other dungeon, but when you reach the inner sections of Ustengrav, namely, the Ustengrave Depths, five traps are waiting for you at various points of this level.

As you reach the opening that leads to a waterfall, head down for a couple of chests on your left and right, through the waterfall. Also, at the base of the waterfall, there is a new Shout you can learn, “Become Ethereal.” You can learn the Shout if you possess a Dragon’s Soul.

In the same area, there is an Arcane Enchanter you can access after pulling on the two levers nearby. You can skip the enchanter if you want and head directly to where you fought the Skeletons.

Cross the narrow bridge to reach the chasm and kill the skeleton. Locate the three stones that turn red when you walk near them. All three stones are linked to three gates. The first stone is for the first gate, and the second and third are for their respective gates.

Equip the Whirlwind Sprint Shout and fill your stamina to the brim. Sprint past the stones in their correct order; pull the first Whirlwind Sprint as you go past the first, and then immediately hit the trigger again to get past the other two.

When you reach the new area, walk forward with a trigger, something on the floor. It is best not to look around and keep going toward the raised platform guarded by Frostbite Spiders. Take down the spiders and head to the cobwebbed door frame.

Get rid of the cobwebs and enter the door; another gate awaits you, so pull the lever next to it to open the gate. Keep going forward and use the stones that show up from the water to make your way to the Horn of Jorgen Windcaller.

As you get, you’ll realize that the horn isn’t there. Instead, a note tells you to spend the night at the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood. Before you leave, loot the chest behind the throne to get some juicy rewards for your troubles so far. Go to the Inn and speak with Delphine, who will give you the horn and A Blade in The Dark quest.

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