To progress in Skyrim, you’ll need to collect various items – one of the most important being books. Some of these books are associated with a particular skill; you will be granted that skill upon collecting it. In this guide, I’ll tell you about all the different Skill Books Locations in Skyrim.

Where To Find Skill Books in Skyrim

Alchemy Skill Books Locations

A Game At Dinner

  • New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm
  • Honningbrew Meadery, upstairs in Sabjorn’s bedroom
  • Forsaken Cave

Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim

  • Arcadia’s Cauldron in Whiterun
  • Hag’s Cure in Markarth

De Rerum Dirennis

  • Winterhold Alchemy Lab
  • Grave Concoctions store in Falkreath

Mannimarco King of Worms

  • Corpse in Evergreen Grove
  • Alchemy Lab in Nightcaller Temple
  • Ritual Site southwest side of Solitude and east side of Dragon Bridge

Song of the Alchemists

  • Bards College in Solitude
  • Anise’s Cabin

Two-Handed Skill Books Locations

Battle of Sancre Tor

  • Dustman’s Cairn
  • Old Hroldan
  • Clan Battle-born house in Windhelm


  • Bleakwind Bluff
  • Penitus Oculatist Outpost in Dragon Bridge
  • Complete the “Dark Brotherhood” Quest and Find out in Katariah’s deck near the throne.

Songs of Hrormir:

  • Jorrvaskr Quarters
  • Jala’s residence in Solitude

The Legendary City of Sancre Tor:

  • Ysgramor’s Tomb
  • Falkreath’s barracks
  • After completing the “Missing in Action” side quest, go Northwatch Keep fort and Expert Locked Door.

Words and Philosophy

  • Riften barracks
  • Lost Knife Hideout, Flooded Cave

Speech Skill Books Locations

A Dance in Fire (Volume 6)

  • Meeko’s Shack
  • First mate’s room in Dainty Sload
  • Falkreath, Dead Man’s Drink Tavern

A Dance in Fire (Volume 7)

  • Markarth, Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
  • Riften’s Beggar’s Row

Biography of the Wolf Queen

  • Blue Palace in Solitude
  • Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun
  • Anga’s Mill at Anga’s Mill Common House

Second Seed (Volume 5)

  • Sorli’s house at Stonehills
  • Sadri’s Used Wares at Windhelm
  • Shriekwind Bastion
  • The Zenithar shrine of Broken Fang Cave (Northwest side)

The Buying Game

  • Bards College
  • Dead Men’s Respite
  • Shrine to Peyrite

Sneaking Skill Books Locations

Last Seed (Volume 8)

  • Redoran’s Retreat
  • Alain’s room in Raldbthar

Legend of Krately House

  • Black-Briar Lodge
  • Nightgate Inn Cellar

Sacred Witness

  • In Deepwood Vale, Alchemy lab
  • In Babette’s room at Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

The Red Kitchen Reader

  • Frostmere Crypt
  • New Gnisis Cornerclub at Windhelm

Three Thieves

  • Rattles room in Snow Veil Sanctum
  • Under Hamelyn’s protection on the Table (Skeever Nest) in the Honningbrew Meadery’s Basement

Smithing Skill Books Locations

Cherim’s Heart

  • The mine of Quicksilver at Dawnstar
  • Morvunskar room in the forge
  • Around Smelter at Broken Oar Grotto

Heavy Armor Forging

  • Silent Moons Camp
  • Gloombound Mine

The Last Scabbard of Akrash

  • Silver Hand camp at Gallows Rock
  • Fort Sunguard Armory

Light Armor Forging

  • Falkreath Lod’s House
  • Embershard Mine’s Open area (west side)

The Armorer’s Challenge

  • Smith’s forge in Mor Khazgur
  • Whiterun Skyforge Platform 

Restoration Skill Books Locations

Mystery of Talara (Volume 2)

  • Eldergleam Sanctuary
  • Frostflow Lighthouse
  • Ustengrav chambers (northeast side)

Racial Phylogeny

  • Moorside Inn at Morthal
  • Corpselight Farm at Falkreath
  • Spinning Blade Trap Room. Avanchnzel (Avanchnzel Animoncultural)

Rain’s Hand (Volume 4)

  • Falion’s house at Morthal
  • Hall of the Dead at Markarth

 2920, Rain’s Hand (Volume 4)

  • Find the chest near guardian nsabre cat of “Kyne’s Sacred Trials” quest, Ice Wraith participating in “Stormcloaks” quest.

The Exodus

  • Frozen Hearth in Winterhold
  • Stendarr’s Beacon


  • Actwind Point End
  • Kynareth Temple in Whiterun

Pickpocket Skill Books Locations

Aevar Stone Singer

  • Thornnir’s house at Morthal
  • Last jail cell at Lost Valkygg


  • The room table with Khajiit lowlife in Ratway
  • Ironback Hideout
  • Haelga’s bunkhouse in Riften

Guide to Better Thieving

  • Find the book behind an adept locked gate, Goldenglow Estate sewer.

Purloined Shadows

  • Duskglow Crevice
  • Honorhall Orphanage in Riften


  • The temple of Bleak Falls in Swindler’s Den
  • Argonian Assemblage in Windhelm

Wulfmare’s Guide to Better Thieving

  • Fort Sunguard’s bottom, oubliette
  • Mara’s Eye Pond

One-Handed Skill Books Locations

Fire and Darkness

  • Near dead adventurers find the book on the ground in Folgunthur.
  • Esben’s room at Ratway Warrens
  • At The table in the map room at Dawnstar Sanctuary; Here you will find another book, “The Marksmanship Lesson.”

Mace Etiquette

  • Orotheim
  • Fort Greenwall

Morning Star (Volume 1)

  • Driftshade Refuge
  • The bar in Northwatch Keep
  • Lost Echo Cave

Night Falls on Sentinel

  • Bandit camp northwest of Helgen
  • Swindler’s Den Sidequest
  • Volunruud’s large chest

The Importance of Where

  • Guard tower of the Markarth
  • Before the boss, Gallows Rock’s interior in the Mess hall
  • Chillfurrow Farm


  • Driftshade Refuge
  • Lockpicking Skill Books

Lockpicking Skill Books Locations

Advances in Lockpicking

  • Ragged Flagon’s Cistern in Riften
  • Riften’s Jails Escape
  • Bannermist Tower Upper Part
  • Chillwind Depths

Proper Lock Design

  • Cidhna Mine in Markarth
  • Shack above the ramparts a top Faldar’s Tooth
  • Above Steepfall Barrow, find hidden ruin at Stormcloak’s corpse. 

Surfeit of Thieves

  • Winter War Wreck
  • Mistveil Keep, Riften, and The end table next to the Jarl Laila Law-Giver’s table.
  • During “The Mind of Madness,” Quest in Solitude finds the book in the Blue Palace cellar of the Pelagius Wing.

The Locked Room

  • Highmoon Hall in Morthal
  • Behind the chest loot bandit corpse in Honeystrand Cave
  • Inside Animonculary’s vault in Alftand

The Wolf Queen (Volume 1)

  • Dawnstar jail
  • Cragslane Cavern bar Underneath
  • Dungeon end, find the chest, and next to it, you will see the book in Duskglow Crevice.
  • Broken Fang Cave

Light Armor Skill Books Locations

Ice and Chitin

  • A guard tower in Markarth
  • Hidden room under the Windhelm southern bridge
  • Hunter’s camp NorthWest side of Narzulbar and the SouthWest side of the Sacellum of Boetiah.

Jornibret’s Last Dance

  • Fort Neugard library
  • In an Autumnwatch Tower

Jornibret’s Last Dance

  • Fort Greymoor Training room
  • Cracked Tusk Keep
  • Riverside Shack

The Rear Guard

  • Castle Dour at Solitude
  • Druadach Redoubt
  • Driftshade Cellar

The Refugees

  • Unnamed Helgen Camp
  • Smithy at Solitude
  • Necromancers’ altar, Wolfskull Ruins

Illusion Skill Books Locations

Before the Ages of Man

Dragonsreach Jarl’s quarters at Whiterun

Four lever room at Shroud Hearth Barrow

Incident at Necrom:

  • Pinemoon Cave
  • Alchemy Lab’s locked room in Bloodlet Throne

Mystery of Talara (Volume 4):

  • Near the Arcane Enchanter in Broken Fang Cave
  • Nepo’s House in Markarth
  • Near Alchemy lab in Stony Creek Cave

Sun’s Dawn (Volume 2)

  • Dibella Temple in Markarth, inner sanctum
  • Hargraven’s tent at Darklight Tower

The Black Arts on Trial

  • Falkreath Jail
  • Within the White Phial store at Windhelm

Heavy Armor Skill Books Locations

  • Hallgerd’s Tale
  • Rift Watchtower, E of Ivarstead, NW of Riften, tower tabletop, At Jorrvaskr hall in Whiterun guarded by Orc hunters

How Orsinium Passed the Orcs

  • Fellhammer Mine

MidYear (Volume 6)

  • The outside of the alchemy lab at Fort Dunstead prison
  • A guardhouse at Morthal
  • Skeleton at Bonechill Passage


  • The Desk of Calcelmo’s Tower in Markarth
  • In the Goldenrock Mine, Darkwater Crossing

Orsinium and the Orcs

  • Stonehills
  • Dushnikh Yal

The Knights of the Nine

  • Windhelm Dining area
  • Guldun Rock Cave
  • Vigilant’s Hall

Enchanting Skill Books Locations

A Tragedy In Black

  • Next to the Enchanter equipment, Glenmoril Coven
  • Ilinalta’s Deep

Catalogue of Armor Enchantments

  • Wreck of the Brinehammer NW Dawnstar
  • Morthal Falion’s house
  • Kynsegrove Steamscorch mine

Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments

  • White Hall in Dawnstar
  • Roadside Ruins, northwest of Falkreath
  • Darkwater Pass, NE Ivarstead Cave System, Table behind Falmer Nightprowler.

Complete Catalogue of Enchantments

  • Fort Amol

Enchanter’s Primer

  • Valentina’s house at Whiterun
  • Hob’s Fall Cave

Twin Secrets

  • Arcane Enchanter’s Top in Hagraven, Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt
  • Treva’s Watch

Destruction Skill Books Locations

A Hypothetical Treachery

  • Find the chest hidden under the gate in the Ruins area of Sleeping Tree Camp and the Northside of Brittleshine Pass.
  • The central chamber of High Gate Ruins
  • Aretino house at Windhelm

Art of War Magic

  • Aretino house in Windhelm
  • Ravenscar Hollow
  • Upside table in White Hall at Dawnstar

Horrors of Castle Xyr

  • Alchemy lab in Rannveig’s Fast
  • Enter into Glenmoril Coven tent

Response to Bero’s Speech

  • Haemar’s Shame: The cave is located in Ivarstead southwest. Find the table with books in the cavern.
  • Iron Breaker Mine at Dawnstar
  • Moira’s shack at Witchmist Grove

The Mystery of Princess Talara (Volume 3)

  • Winterhold
  • The upper zone of Steepfall Burrow

Blocking Skill Books Locations

A Dance in Fire (Volume 2)

  • Library at Fort Snowhawk
  • Ruined hostel in Traitor’s Post

Battle of Red Mountain

  • Watch pass in Skybound.
  • Destroyed caravan inTolvald’s Crossing

Death Blow of Abernit

  • In the Hall of the Dead at Whiterun
  • Jarl’s Longhouse War room in Falkreath
  • Northwind Mine Table
  • Dawnstar Top Chest

The Mirror

  • The Broken Tower Redoubt is a sleeping mat on a redoubt.
  • In Jarl Ulfric’s bedroom at the Palace of the Kings


  • Driftshade Refuge Boss Arena
  • Fort Kastav, Captain’s quarters

Conjuration Skill Books Locations

2920 Frostfall (Volume 10)

  • Word Wall last room in Sunderstone Gorge
  • Outside Ironbind Barrow, an NPC (Stollen from Beem-Ja)
  • Belyn Hlaalu’s house at Windhelm
  • Unmarked Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Alter

Hearth Fire (Volume 9)

  • Last room in Rimerock Burrow
  • The Mortar and Pestle Shop in Dawnstar

Liminal Bridges

  • Shalidar’s Maze North Entrance
  • Falkreath Watchtower Atop

The Doors of Oblivion

  • Reachcliff Cave
  • Fellglow Keep

The Warrior’s Charge

  • Arcane Enchanter Sacrificial chamber in North Brittleshin Pass
  • The Jarl’s bed chamber at Understone Keep

Archery Skill Books Locations

Father of the Niben

  • Wreck Of The Brinehammer hold
  • Over dead hunter in Autumnshade Clearing at Riften Northwest

The Black Arrow(v2)

  • At the Whiterun, find a counter behind Drunken Huntsman Tavern. 
  • Valtheim Towers

The Gold Ribbon of Merit

  • Fletcher’s Shop at Solitude
  • Angi’s Camp

The Marksmanship Lesson

  • In the Map room of Dawnstar Sanctuary
  • Gilfre’s House in Mixwater Mill
  • Jorrvaskr’s private quarter showcase 
  • Cliffside Retreat

Vernaccus and Bourlor

  • Smithshop in Knifepoint Ridge
  • Froki’s Shack
  • Greywinter Watch
  • Bard’s College

Alteration Skill Books Locations

Breathing Water

Kraldar’s House at Winterhold

Within Ilinalta’s Deep

Daughter of the Niben

  • Brandy-Mug Farm
  • The room ajustent to Jarl of Understone at Markarth.

Reality and Other Flasehoods

  • Yngvild Throne Room 
  • Red Eagle Ascent
  • Orchendor’s corpse at Bthardamz


  • Krag’s corpse at Nchuand-Zel
  • Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

The Lunar Lorkhan

  • Mazaka’s quarters in Solitude Lighthouse
  • Arcane Enchanter Central chamber of Cragwallow Slope

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