Shout is a draconic language in Skyrim. It’s not as simple as it may appear. It essentially comprises the abilities of dragons. Discovering the word through Word Walls, capturing dragons, and completing tasks are the only way to learn this language. Every shout consists of three words, but each extra word adds an improved version of the shout.

Shouts are not part of your magic and other powers available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Moreover, Shouts won’t drain Magicka but come with cool-down periods. Here’s a list of Skyrim shouts and their locations:

Skyrim Shouts List

  1. Whirlwind Sprint
  2. Unrelenting Force
  3. Throw Voice
  4. Summon Durnehviir
  5. Soul Tear
  6. Storm Call
  7. Slow Time
  8. Marked for Death
  9. Kyne’s Peace
  10. Frost Breath
  11. Fire Breath
  12. Elemental Fury
  13. Drain Vitality
  14. Dragonrend
  15. Dismaying Shout
  16. Disarm
  17. Clear Skies
  18. Call of Valor
  19. Call Dragon
  20. Become Ethereal
  21. Aura Whisper
  22. Animal Allegiance

Whirlwind Sprint

  • In the “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” Quest, The Greybeards at the High Hrothgar can teach you.
  • Volskygge in the North Western Side of Skyrim.
  • The “Tending the Flames” quest at the Dead Men’s Respite (Morthal Southwest side and Solitude South).

Unrelenting Force

  • In the “Bleak Falls Barrow,” either in “The Golden Claw” or “Dragon Rising.”
  • Learn from Greybeards at High Hrothgar during the “The Way Of The Voice” quest.
  • Find “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” to learn from Greybeard.

Throw Voice

  • Take down “Dragon” and “Dragon Priest” in Shearpoint.

Summon Durnehviir

  • Head to “Soul Cairn” to meet slaying “Durnehvii” to learn shouts from him.

Soul Tear

  • Again and again, call out “Durnehviir” until you learn three shouts from him.

Storm Call

  • Follow the lead mentioned in the courier until you reach “High Gate Ruins”(The northern side of Skyrim)
  • Take down Skuldafn in the ” World-Eater’s Eyrie.”
  • In the Rift, find the Forelhost tomb.

Slow Time

  • Go behind the throne at the end of the “Jagged Crown” quest in the Korvanjund
  • Hag’s (The Western side of Skyrim) End.
  • Reach the “Dragon Priest” lair with the held Magnus Staff.

Marked for Death

  • In the “Dark Brotherhood,” find the Sanctuary (hidden society).
  • The Forsaken Crypt
  • The Southern side of Skyrim (Autumnwatch Tower).

Kyne’s Peace

  • In the Shroud Hearth Barrow (The Eastern side of Skyrim), a small village, “Ivarstead,” during the “Haunting Miscellaneous” quest.
  • Ragnvald Tomb ( The Western side of Skyrim) End.
  • The Skyrim Central (Rannveig’s Fast).

Ice Form

  • The North Eastern side of Skyrim (Saarthal) “Under Saarthal” ends.
  • Mount Anthor (The North Eastern side of Skyrim).
  • Frostmere Crypt Tomb (The Northern side of Skyrim).

Frost Breath

  • In the “Miscellaneous” quest in the Skyborn Altar (The Central side of Skyrim).
  • Complete the “Forbidden Legends” side quest, then meet the “Folgunthur” in the Hjaalmarch area.
  • Bonestrewn Crest “Dragon” in (The Northeast side of Skyrim) Eastmarch.

Fire Breath

  • In the “Companions quest Proving Honor” quest at the Dustman’s Cairne (The Northwest side of Whiterun).
  • Head to the Southern side of Skyrim in Sunderstone Gorge Cave.
  • In the eleventh “The Throat Of The World” quest

Elemental Fury

  • Shriekwind Bastion (The North side of Falkreath)
  • Dragontooth Crater Dragon in the Western side of Skyrim.
  • In “The Break Of Dawn” quest in the Kilkreath Ruins in Haafingar (ninth holds).

Drain Vitality

  • Dimhollow Crypt cave ( The Central side of Skyrim)
  • Take out the twin dragons in the “Forgotten Vale” quest in a frozen lake. You will find the Word Wall at the center of a frozen lake.
  • In Arcwind Point (The Southern side of Skyrim,) find the Word Wall around the altar.


  • During “Alduin’s Bane” quest, you will automatically find.

Dismaying Shout

  • Take down the “Lost Tongue Overlook” dragon.
  • Reach level 20 to participate in the “Pieces of the Past” quest and takedown “dragon.”
  • The Labarithian’s Shalidor’s Maze on the North side of Whiterun Hold (Hjaalmarch).


  • Eldersblood Peak is a Dragon in Central Skyrim.
  • Mercer’s Speaking With Silence towards the North Eastern side of Skyrim(Snow Veil Sanctum).
  • The Northern Skyrim ruin (Silverdrift Lair).

Clear Skies

  • In “The Throat Of The World,” quest learns from “High Hrothgar.”

Call of Valor

  • Automatically learned in the seventeenth “Sovngarde” quest.

Call Dragon

  • After calling out “Odahviing outdoors,” speak all three shouts just once at the “top of High Hrothgar.”

Become Ethereal

  • After the sixth “The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller” quest, go to Ustengrav two level tomb (The Nothern side of Skyrim).
  • At the top of Lost Valley waterfall (the south side of Rorikstead), go to Bard’s Leap Summit Point.
  • Go to Winterhold Hold (The Northeast side of Skyrim) at the Ironbind Barrow tombs.

Aura Whisper

  • The Northwind Summit on the Eastern side of Skyrim.
  • In the “Broken Dark Brotherhood” quest at Volunruud.
  • The Valthume tomb in the Southeast side of Markarth.

Animal Allegiance

  • The Rift in the Southeastern side of Skyrim (Angarvunde).
  • Ancient Ascent Dragon in the Southern side of Skyrim.
  • You can either complete the “Glory of the Dead” quest or reach the mountains earlier, above Ysgramor’s Tomb (The Northern side of Skyrim).

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