One of the key elements in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Scrolls. These magical items allow you to possess new spells that differ from your current Magical Spells. The scrolls are more powerful and come with a wider area of effect. There are three ways to get scrolls in Skyrim; you can buy them from vendors, complete quests, or raid dungeons to find them.

There are 10 scrolls in Skyrim, and in this guide, I will give you a rundown on how to find them all at various locations around the map. Also, we will discuss what effects they have on your character.

Scroll of Bane of the UndeadCollege of Winterhold Radiant Quest Reward.Undead of up to level 30 is set on fire and flees for 30s. This is a master-level restoration spell.
Scroll of BlizzardComplete the College of Winterhold Quest: Destruction Ritual Spell. Sold by Faralda for 975.20 frost damage to the enemy for 10s. Also does Stamina damage.
Scroll of Cure Woundsn/a
Scroll of Call to ArmsComplete College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Illusion Ritual Spell. Spea with Drevis to purchase it for 577.
Scroll of FireballFound in Farengar secret-Fire in Dragonsreach, and Enthir in the College of Winterhold.Sets target on fire and deals 40 damage within 15 feet area of effect. The enemy takes extra damage while on fire.
Scroll of Dread ZombieSometimes sold by Court Wizards but also found in dungeon chests. Hostile mages are also a good source of getting this scroll.Summon a dead body to fight on your side for the 60s.
Scroll of HysteriaComplete the College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Illusion Ritual Spell and speak with Drevis to purchase it for 763.Enemies above level 25 run from the battle for 60s.
Scroll of Fire StormComplete College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Destruction of Ritual Spell.An explosion around you that does 100 points of damage.
Scroll of Mass ParalysisPurchased from court wizards or complete Black Book: Filament and Filigree quest in Apocrypha.Enemies who fail to resist it are paralyzed for 15s.
Scroll of MayhemComplete the College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Illusion Ritual Spell.Make creatures up to 25 attack anyone nearby for 60s.

I hope you now better understand scrolls and how to get them all in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Need more help? See PC Console Commands, Wild Horses Locations, and Best Races.

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