Explore the immersive world of Saints and Seducers – an outstanding Special Edition pack from Skyrim Creation Club. On November 11, 2021, gamers had the chance to experience the Anniversary Edition of this game completely free. So players can now enjoy a wealth of new content—from enemies to summons to alchemy ingredients and recruitable pets.

Furthermore, two artifacts and four craftable armor sets accompanied by weapon upgrades are now accessible through an exclusive quest. In this riveting tale, an insane mage has shattered the barriers between Tamriel & the Shivering Isles, releasing a torrent of lunacy across both realms. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to explore the unique weapons of Skyrim Saints and Seducers, discover how to start their questlines, and uncover more hidden secrets.

Skyrim Saints and Seducers Unique Weapons List

While Playing the Skyrim Saints and Seducers, you will come across three unique weapons:

  • Nerveshatter
  • The Sword of Jyggalag
  • Staada’s Helmet

If you use any of the weapons mentioned above, you will get a taste of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as its developers drew great inspiration from it.



The Nerveshatter is an intimidating two-handed Warhammer. Its crushing power comes from the weight of its head being affixed to a rod, allowing it to deliver powerful strikes with every swing. In addition, Nerveshatter’s Shock Damage enchantment gives it an edge, infusing each hit with a whopping 30 points of shock damage and base damage of 29. When you further upgrade it using Refined Amber (Reforge Stone) and the Daedric Smithing perk (from the Smithing skill tree). Lastly, you will find this Warhammer you in a side quest.

The Sword of Jyggalag

The awe-inspiring Sword of Jyggalag is a Daedric Artifact connected to the all-powerful Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag. During the main questline of your adventure, you can locate this sword in Solitude Sewers – so take advantage of it. The Sword of Jyggalag does not possess self-enchantment. Ultimately, the only remarkable aspect of this sword that makes it so desirable is that Jyggalag once owned it.

Staada’s Helmet

Although the Sword of Jyggalag might not cause much damage, it is still worth collecting because you can exchange it for Staada’s Helmet in the Staada Quest. However, If you would rather keep the sword and not exchange it with Staada’s Helmet, don’t fret – there is still an option. You can get the helmet by exchanging Sheogorath-Shaped Amber. Regarding heavy armor, few options can compete with the Staada’s Helmet – boasting an impressive 20 Armor rating. Even an enchantment that provides a whopping 70-point boost to Max Stamina!

How To Start Saints and Seducers

Of course, the Saints and Seducers campaign officially starts as soon as Dragonborn reaches Whiterun. After an extended rest period, the Khajiit Caravan outside Whiterun and Windhelm is ready to embark on the next journey. With the power of choice in your hands, find a Khajiit caravan close to the city gates for an unforgettable venture. If fortune favors you and you find the caravan in time, then Ri’saad, one of the Khajiit, will be there offering his goods for a price.

To make Ri’saad feel more comfortable, you can engage him in conversation about the struggles he encountered on his caravan journey. Doing so will undoubtedly lighten up his mood and help create a positive atmosphere. Rather than explaining the difficulty of his route, he gave a note containing all pertinent information.

Once you read the note, it will unlock “Balance of Power,” a quest that leads to “Restoring Order,” which is the final main quest in Saints and Seducers. Though there may be a slight hurdle when starting the main questline, the good news is that those with the Special Edition can download Saints and Seducers for free as part of their Anniversary Edition!

Saints And Seducers Questlines

Altogether, eight enthralling questlines will appear as you adventure through Saints and Seducers.

  • The “Balance of Power” and “Restoring Order” quests are integral to the story’s main objective and are associated with the Khajiit Caravan.
  • The “Amber and Madness Smithing” and “Golden and Dark Smithing” quests let players speak to blacksmiths and learn about their recipes.
  • The “My Pet Elytra (Mania)” and “My Pet Elytra (Dementia)” quests will give players pets that will be their companions in the journey.
  • The “Nerveshatter” quest will grant the player a “two-handed Warhammer,” and “Staada’s” quests will grant the player with “Helmet.”

How to Complete Balance of Power – Complete Walkthrough

After speaking with Ri’saad, you will be directed to a couple of Bandit camps – for Saints and Seducers. You can find the Saints location near Whiterun; meanwhile, the Seducers are located in the north near Winterhold and Windhelm.

You need clear both camps and take a journal from the leaders. The bandits in both camps are tough to beat, so stealth is the best option. Return to Ri’Saad, who’ll be under attack by both Saints and Seducers. Save Ri’Saad and collect the coin bag for your troubles.

How to Complete Restoring Order – Complete Walkthrough

After completing Balance of Power, head to the city of Solitude to the marked location, a manhole. Climb down the manhole to reach the sewers. Keep moving forward, clearing enemies as you go until you reach Thorlon.

Thorlon is a tough boss that can drain Magika, so mage builds aren’t effective. Gather potions before the fight and buff yourself against Magika damage. You can also use summons scrolls to switch the aggro and get breathing room.

The Skyrim Saints and Seducers update is a great way to get some unique weapons and start new questlines. So, If you’re looking for something different to do in Skyrim, this is the way to go. Thanks for reading, but before you go, here are some other Skyrim guides you may like:

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