So you have defeated countless Draugrs on your quest to get the Golden Claw and to complete the Falls Barrow quest. The next step of your journey is to go through the Dragon Rising quest. This article will serve as your complete guide to the fourth main quest of Skyrim; the Dragon Rising quest.

  • Talking to Jarl Balgruuf.
  • Meeting the Irileth close to the Western Watchtower.
  • Killing the dragon.
  • Investigating the dragon.
  • Returning to Jarl Balgruuf.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hypes up the dragon until this point to make this reveal all the more exciting. A dragon is unintentionally summoned in this quest. Here are your steps and guide through this quest:

  •  You will have to journey with Irileth and Farenger to go to the Jarl to continue this quest.
  •  Jarl will give you the Iron Helmet of Minor Destruction. After this, your party will disperse.
  •  You will have to join Irileth outside of town. 
  • Head in the direction of the Western Watchtower which is not too far from the Whiterun.
  • Irileth will be standing outside the Watchtower’s ruins. 
  • You will have to go towards the dragon, at which point his name appears: Mirmulnir.
  • Taking out this dragon should not be the most difficult of tasks as only Iron Arrows can penetrate the thick hide of this Mirmulnir.
  • After you defeat the dragon, you can go through her carcass. You will get a myriad of items from the corpse including the Dragon Souls.
  • You will now unlock the shout ability which can be found in the magic menu.
  • Go back to Whiterun and talk to Jarl. You will brief him about the Dragonborn which he will reply to by saying that this is Greybeard’s Summon.
  • This will lead to your next quest.

Along the path, you will find countless NPCs, chests, and bodies that you can loot from. These will help you in becoming stronger to continue in your journey through this game. Make sure to make full use of all these gifts that the game gives you.

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