The Dragon Priests are mighty enemies in the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are aged priests who have an appreciation for the Dragons, and they strive for their rein in the world. There are 10 Dragon Priests scattered throughout the world of Skyrim, each having a special mask that enhances their powers. You can defeat them and loot their masks to enhance your own powers, but be warned; they are not foes that can be taken lightly.

This article is your complete guide to finding the Dragon Priests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Rather than boring you with gibber jabber, we have compiled a table to find all the Dragon Priests in Skyrim. Pay attention to the enhancements their masks will give you once you defeat them, and choose your enemies wisely.

Dragon Masks Locations Enchantments
Krosis Shearpoint 20% increase in lockpicking, Alchemy, and Archery
Morokei Labyrinthian (During the College of Winterhold questline.) Complete Magicka regen
Hevoraak Valthume Immunity to poison and disease
Rahgot Forelhost, Southeast of Riften 70% increase in Stamina
Otar Ragnvaid, Northeast of Makarth 30% better fire, frost, and shock resistance
Volsung Volskygge, west of Solitude 20% increase in carrying limit and 20% better prices and underwater breathing
Vokun High gates Ruins, west of Dawnstar 20% decrease in alteration, illusion, and conjuration
Nahkriin Skuldafn (During the main questline) 50% increase in Magicka and a 20% decrease in restoration and destruction cost
Wooden Mask Central Barrow of Labyrinthian It makes a mysterious humming noise

The final mask is Konahrik, and it is the most overpowered mask. You must go to the Central Barrow of Labyrinthian, access the broken shrine, and put the wooden mask on. This will send you to a new shrine. Once you are in the new shrine, click on the faces in the shrine and place the masks on the statues. The legendary Konahrik mask will be raised. This mask has the miraculous ability to heal the wearer and deal damage to nearby enemies once significantly damaged.

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