The 8th main quest in Skyrim is Diplomatic Immunity. This mission begins after completing the “A Blade In The Dark” quest. “Diplomatic Immunity” begins when Delphine leaves for Riverwood. You need to go there to meet her and start your assault on the Thalmor Embassy as planned.

On this journey, you will pass through Solitude, where you’ll meet Melborn, who is the only person you can trust at this point. After reaching the Winking Skeever tavern, take note of Malborn – he’s skulking around. He will approach you and ask which items you need him to smuggle into the embassy for you; these include your gear and lockpicks.

The next thing you need to do is to head back to Solitude at the outside stables; the Delphine will be waiting for you. Go and meet her to get the necessary items. Before leaving for Thalmor Embassy, again speak to Delphine.

Moreover, The first thing to do once you’ve arrived at the embassy is to meet the Razelan. You must keep an eye on him. After showing the guards you have an invitation and engaging in banter, you must create a diversion as directed by the Malborn to escape undetected. Colovian Brandy from the Malborn or waitress will win his trust, making you his devoted friend.

The snacks will be obviously free at the party; you need to gather if you’re low on health. Fighting the embassy guard is unnecessary if you want to after getting the gear from the chest.

The final part of the quest will require combat, so make sure you’re prepared. Bring along a melee and wizard character to help take down your foes. Follow the quest marker and collect any potions you come across. Your main goal is to get Rulindil’s Interrogation Chamber Key from Elenwen’s Solar after defeating him. Once you have the key, use it to enter the torture chamber and retrieve the Thalmier Dossier: Esbern.

Leave the embassy through the trap door in the torture chamber after you’ve finished reading the files. The Trap Door will not be opened without the key, so eliminate all of the guards. You may obtain it from the loot.

The Frost Troll can be found in the Reeking Cave. You may visit Delphine at Riverwood, who will be in the basement of Sleeping Giant Inn. This area won’t be unlocked until you get the false panel in the closest first counter.

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