When your destruction skill reaches level 100, go to the College of Winterhold and speak with Faralda, who will offer you the Destruction Ritual Master Magic quest. Completing said quest gets you the Fire Storm Tome and access to Blizzard and Lightning Storm from Faralda.

Getting the destruction skill level to 100 opens up a new dialogue option at Faralda. She offers you a book named Power of the Elements. The book is unfinished, but the poem inside it reads:

  • Northward, haunted northern coastline
  • And south, Dwemer live and toil
  • A simple place, a shield from draft
  • At this stand wield mage’s craft
  • So fierce the sea will boil

The poem mentions an area outside Dawnstar called Windward Ruins. Head over there, enter the Barrow and place the book on the pedestal. The next step is to cast the fire spell on the book, which, for some reason, adds another verse to the poem:

  • Under Greybeards’ morning shadow
  • At this northern watch, long lost
  • Nirn’s hoary Throat does scrape the sky
  • Here unleash a chiling cry And gild this stand with frost

The new verse metions North Skybound Watch which is located in the Throat of the World. Head to the area and locate the stone lookout post where you can place the book and cast the fire spell to get another verse.

  • Over western river waters,
  • By Karth bounded, south and north
  • On mountains sits a humble crown.
  • Sky’s wrath on this stand bring forth
  • To shake these snowcaps down

The final verse mentions the Four Skull lookout near Karthwasten. The pedestal you want is behind the stone building, place the book and cast the lightning spell of your choice. This will give you the firestorm spell. Now you can also purchase tomes for Lightning Storm and Blizzard from Faralda.

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