Mastering Conjuration requires you to complete the Conjuration Ritual Spell offered by Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold. Go to the college and ask Phinis if there is something else you can learn. From there, you will start the final steps to mastering the Conjuration spell.

You can two primary objectives in this main quest:

  • Beat an Unbound Dremora
  • Take the stone to Phinis

The first step is to summon and subdue an Unbound Demora and use it to get the Sigil Stone from Oblivion. Speak with Phinis to get a Summon Unbound Dremora spell.

With the spell in your possession, head to the Hall of Attainment and find a way to the roof, where you should see some candles in a circle. Use the spell to summon the Unbound Dremora in the middle of the candle ring.

Speak with the Dremora and say, “I Summoned You. I Control You Now.” The Dremora won’t like this and will attack you with a Dremora Warhammer. Kill the Dremora and summon it again; this time, say, “Admit That I Control You.”

Things won’t go well the second time too, so you need to kill it again. Use the stone to summon the Dremora for the third time and say, “Will You Submit, Or Do I Need to Banish You Again.”

The Dremora will submit this time, so the next step is to request a Sigil Stone. Once Dremora brings the stone, take it back to Phinis to complete the quest and get the Master Conjuration Spell Tome: Summon Flame Thrall.

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