The Farengar NPC in Whiterun gives you the quest line of Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim. You do not have to visit the area again if you have already been there.

  • Talking to the Farengar NPC.
  • Retrieving the Dragonstone item.
  • Delivering the Dragonstone item back to the Farengar NPC.

Completing the Golden Claw quest earlier will allow you to finish this quest without any further hassle, apart from giving the Dragonstone to the Farengar NPC. You will have a dialogue option to give him the Dragonstone item once you converse with him.

If this is not the case, you will have to follow through with the Falls Barrow Quest and go to the depths of the caverns to retrieve the aforementioned Dragonstone.

Head to the snowy mountain area, where many bandits await to be taken down. As you journey deeper, you will find a lever that controls a gate. Interacting with this lever will shower you with a myriad of arrows. Rotate the three pillars on the left to match the sequence of symbols on top of the gate. (the correct orientation is: snake swordfish.)

Pull the lever once you have correctly aligned the pillars. Go down to the cobweb-riddled area below and hack through the cobwebs to meet up with the Arvel The Swift NPC. You will learn that this grandmaster thief has fought with a Frostbite spider, and they have mortally wounded it.

Finish off this spider to talk to the Arvel NPC and inquire about the Golden Claw. As this NPC tries to run away, hunt him down and loot his body off the Golden Claw. Head to the crypt. Here you will encounter Draugrs. Try to make your way through the corridor by swinging your axes and controlling the Draugrs.

Break a lantern into the oil on the floor. Slay the Draugr that appears before the coffin and loot the coffin. Pull the chains in the vicinity to go to another temple area. This path will lead you to Water Fall, at the base of which you will find a chest and corpses to loot. 

Continuing on this path will lead you to a restless Draugr which you will have to slay. Now a little further on this path leads you to the Bleak Falls Sanctum. Walk through the Iron door to enter the hall to the stone door that lies ahead. You should see a keyhole in the shape of the Golden Claw. Rotate the rings until you find a pattern matching the engravings on the Golden Claw itself. (The correct pattern from bottom to top is bear, hummingbird, and owl.)

Now place the Golden Claw and open the door. Mess about with the engravings on the Word Wall and learn the Unrelenting Force ability. The Draugr Overlord should appear. Use the uneven terrain to kill him with ease. Loot the Dragonstone from his dead body, and make your way back to the Farengar NPC to deliver it to him.

You will find many chests, NPCs, and dead bodies to loot during your journey. Make sure to loot as many resources as possible to start building your wealth early on. The entire journey in Skyrim requires a ton of resources, so it is better to start accumulating early.

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