In Skyrim, The “Unbound” quest is a requirement to access the main scenario “Before the Storm.” By completing this mission, you will earn “Steel Armor.” You need to talk with Gerdur or Alvor in Riverwood and Jarl in Whiterun to finish the quest; I’ll explain all the necessary steps involved to complete this quest in this guide.

From Helen, your next stop should be Riverwood. It’s not a long journey from Helgen, and you’ll find either Gerdur or Alvor connections there to help get you situated with supplies. Your best bet for learning about dragons and the factions fighting them would be to talk to your partner–but wait until they ask you to join their faction’s cause before making any decisions. For now, just focus on getting to Riverwood.

In your journey, wherever your eyes go, you will see Guardian Stones. You can anytime inspect the Guardian Stones, but you can only pick one:

  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Mage

The stones may have various advantages, but they will help you learn more quickly. As you enter the Riverwood, keep an eye on the compass to highlight the individual you must follow. These individuals are nice people who will give you everything you need and continue to delve into the subject of interest for additional information. Now that you’ve finished your tasks in Riverwood, you must follow the quest marker to reach Whiterun and speak with the Jarl.

Look for the sign that you’ve arrived in Whiterun: trees, farms, and a higher wall built of stones. The Whiterun will not allow visitors entry. Therefore the guards will halt you at the entrance. You must inform the guards that you’re from Riverwood and would like their help to enter; he will let you in.

If you are looking for Dragonsreach, it will be the tallest building in town and on the northeast side. To get Jarl’s attention and complete your quest, tell him something interesting about dragons so that he will send help for Riverwood.

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