After you complete A Cornered Rat quest, you are led to Esbern’s home, where the next quest, Alduin’s Wall kicks off, and you make your way to Sky Haven Temple with Esbern and Delphine. Let’s list down all primary objectives for this quest:

  • Escorting Esborn to Riverwood.
  • Talking to Esbern.
  • Gaining the entrance to the Skyrim Haven Temple.
  • Learning the secrets of Alduin’s wall.

You will have to travel once again to the Ratway, and you will have to face off against a couple of Thalmor enemies that have wandered into the area.

Create a Mini Shortcut by lowering the Bridge in the Ratway. Escort Esborn to Riverwood to meet up with Delphine. Eavesdrop on the conversation between these two friends and gather valuable information. You will make your way toward Sky Haven Temple, the place where Alduin’s Wall was conjured. You can travel together with both Delphine and Esbern to go to the Sky Haven Temple.

You can fast travel to Karthspire, a cave riddled with the Forsworn. This serves as the main lobby for the Sky Haven Temple. You will have to solve two puzzles in the cave:

Puzzle Solution #1: Rotate the three pillars so that the Apple/Arrow shape faces you. You will know you’re done it right when the stone bridge starts to lower.

Puzzle Solution #2: If you walk on any tile in the next room that is not a Dragonborn tile, you will face some booby trap. When you reach the Head of the Statue, you will be prompted to activate the blood seal. This lets you inside the Sky Haven Temple.

Esbern tells you about the story of Alduin and his banishment. Now you learn a new word for your shout: fighting fire with fire. Go to the Greybeards to investigate this further and complete the quest.

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