In Skyrim, Alduin’s Bane is the thirteenth major quest. It revolves around the reading of the Elder Scroll to defeat Alduin. Your first objective in the quest is to read the Elder Scroll and learn about Dragonrend, so you’ll need to go to the Time-Wound at the Throat of the World. Now open up the menu and select Books from the drop-down list. A lengthy cutscene of Nordic Heroes expelling Alduin will play out before you pick Dragonrend.

It is time to take down Alduin. You cannot go single-handedly against him; you will need a trustworthy companion to help you. The Paarthurnax is your man – he won’t help damage the Alduin, but he will be there for moral support.

Alduin is dangerous when it’s in the air, so when you see that he’s coming to attack, use Dragonrend repeatedly, as it will keep him grounded. To avoid having Dragonrand stolen from you while in midair, use it only when your global cooldown has run out.

The Alduin is, after all, a dragon, so he will use the same attacks as any other dragon. As you backpedal to avoid his fiery or icy breaths, he breaks off from the ground. Don’t stop attacking him until he is dead.

Note: Use caution when using Dragonrend, as there is a chance you will become confused and use it on Paarthurnax rather than Alduin.

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