After you finish the diplomatic immunity quest in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next step in your journey is to complete the A Cornered Rat quest line. This article will be your complete guide through the Cornered Rat Quest.

  • Talking to Brynjolf.
  • Searching in the Ratway for Esbern’s hideout.
  • Talking to Esbern.

When you talk to Delphine, they recognize the name Esbern. They infer that the man is hidden in the Rifen. You will have to follow these steps to continue through the Cornered Rat Quest:

You will need to talk to Brynjolf because Esbern has trust issues. Find Brynjof in the market and inquire about Esbern. Unfortunately, he seems unwilling to give out any information without getting anything in return. Having a high speech ability helps, but if you’re low on speech, you need to complete A Chance Arrangement quest, and then you return to inquire about Esbern.

Head over to the ratway under Riften, where you should expect to encounter some enemies near The Ragged Flagon. You can pick up the pickpocketing skill in this area; check the beggar. Some Thalmor enemies in The Ragged Flagon try to attack, but they aren’t much of a fight, so should be easy to take down.

Continue toward the Ratway Warrens, which is a sort of insane asylum within the Ratways. You should soon come across Esbern, and at first, Esbern denies being himself until you mention Delphine. Remember what Delphine told you, “Remember the 30th of Frostfall”. He lets you enter his personal living space, which concludes the quest.

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