In Skyrim, “A Blade in the Dark” is the 7th major quest in the main storyline. The quest requires you to do four things in a row:

  • Talking to Delphine
  • Finding Dragon Burial Site
  • Killing Dragon Sahloknir
  • Again Talking to Delphine

A Blade in the Dark

To start, look for Delphine and request a one-on-one from her. If you correctly follow The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller‘s directions and take a nap at the Sleeping Giant Inn, you will be able to talk to Delphine. She will only take you to the treasure room if she first speaks with you.

The location of this room is a closely guarded secret known only to her, below the inn. She doubts your claim of being Dragonborn and requests that you kill the next dragon as proof to lay any doubts about your identity to rest.

If you want to have any chance of killing the Sahloknir dragon, you’ll need a loyal follower by your side. For example, Lydia would be perfect for this job. You can find her in Kynesgrove on the south side of Windhelm.

Once you’re both prepared and ready to take on the dragon, strike while it’s vulnerable; although it has just awoken from its slumber, its joints are still weak and susceptible to damage. However, don’t forget to use a Fire Resist Potion, as it will keep you alive throughout the battle.

In the meantime, your follower should divert attention from you so that you hit him with a powerful attack without worrying about being attacked yourself. The second dragon in the story will be defeated soon, allowing you to absorb its soul and collect the bones as proof. Now head towards to meet the Delphine so that you finish the quest.

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