Which Skills You Should Level Up In She Will Punish Them

She Will Punish Them Skills

She Will Punish Them has a couple of skills that you can invest points in. These include Scavenger, Fast Learning, Trading, and Hardened Skin. In this She Will Punish Them guide, we are going to walk you through which skills you should level up first in the game.

Skills To Level Up First In She Will Punish Them

Adding points to Scavenger is going to give you better armor, weapon and potion drops. Adding points into Fast Learning is going to give you some luck when it comes to loot even when you do not have Scavenger. Hardened Skin increases your regeneration. Trading skill allows you to earn more books which means that you can get more XP books.

So which of these should you invest in early on? It is going to depend on how you want to play the game. We recommend investing a few points in Fast Learning, then a few in Trading, and a few in Scavenger in order to get more inventory space early on for more loot. This is one of the fastest ways of leveling up but it is also a risky route to take so it is not going to be ideal for everyone.

We do not recommend spending a lot of points in Hardened Skin because you can easily use better armor or potions which you are going to get from the Scavenger skill. If you do need to invest in the skill then we recommend a point or two but nothing more than that. You should focus on the other skills that you can invest in.

Talking about character attributes, we recommend putting most of your points into agility. This is going to give you more stamina so that you can land more hits and you get bonus attack speed as well. This will allow you to quickly deal damage and then dodge out of the way in order to avoid taking any damage.

As for your companions we recommend spending 2 points in Regeneration, then maxing Fast Learning, Maxing Hardened Skin. We also recommend the agility attribute for your companions so that they can land a couple of hits before the stamina depletes.

These are the skills that we recommend you level up in She Will Punish Them.

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