Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak introduced a new material called Sinister Gloomcloth. To craft the Death Stench weapons and armor, you need to get the Sinister Gloomcloth. Getting this crafting material is not just a piece of cake you can get from a simple and weak boss. But don’t worry, in this guide ill tell you the best way to Sinister Gloomcloth.

Finding the Sinister Gloomcloth in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are two ways to get Sinister Gloomcloth:

  • Meowcenaries Quest
  • Argosy’s Back Alley Deals system

Meowcenaries Quest

Sending your Palico and Palamute Buddies on Master Rank Meowcenaries quests when there are sparkling Bonepiles in a location is your best chance of obtaining Sinister Gloomcloth. The locations of these Bonepiles are unpredictable, but you’ll usually only find one per destination.

Argosy’s Back Alley Deals system

Argosy’s Back Alley Deals system is a great way to get your hands on some Sinister Gloomcloth. By sending out submarines with level 50 Buddies, you can use the Buddy Bargaining Skills to increase the collection rate.

The Blinding Bargain Skill increases the probability of obtaining rare items significantly. Blinding Bargain is quite helpful for this. The chance of obtaining rare things increases significantly when Blinding Bargain is active. This technique is less consistent than the Meowcenaries, but it’s still a wonderful way to acquire Sinister Gloomcloth.

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