The new update of Sea of Thieves adds plenty of new Tall Tales for players to complete. In this Sea of Thieves guide, we are going to walk you through how you can raise the water and get the Silver Blade Key.

Other than the Tall Tales, you also have locations from the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise, that you can discover and explore. There is other content from the franchise as well such as the Black Pearl ship.

Getting The Silver Blade Key In Sea Of Thieves

The Sunken Pearl, the second tall tale in Sea of Thieves has a tricky puzzle that you need to solve. You will need to raise the level of the water in order to get the Silver Blade Key.

When you are inside the cave you will find a pattern on the wall that has 4 statues. These are in different positions. You need to match the actual statues to the pattern on the wall. To change the position of the statue shoot it from left to right. when you do that its position is going to change.

Make sure that the position of the statue corresponds with the pattern on the wall from left to right. Once the statues are in position, you need to look up and shoot the ceiling. You will see a hole in the ceiling and that is what you need to aim at. If all goes well, a light is going to shine into the cave. This means that you have been successful.

The water is going to rise and you will be able to get the Silver Blade Key. This is how you can get the Silver Blade Key in Sea of Thieves. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Black Pearl ship.

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