Players first hear Arlecchino’s voice at a phone booth near the Workshop Union entrance, marking the start of their interaction with the King of Riddles. Arlecchino challenges players with riddles throughout the game, rewarding them with a Trinity Key for each successful solution.


To meet the King of Riddles, players must solve all of his phone booth riddles. The final riddle is near the entrance of the Relic of Trismegistus. Regardless of the player’s response to this riddle, they receive The Chosen One’s Trinity Key. However, answering “Yes” is recommended to avoid unnecessary Decay damage.

After obtaining the key, players should head to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, where they’ll find the King’s Trinity Sanctum door, marked by a chalked triangle. This is where they’ll finally meet Arlecchino, the King of Riddles.

To Kill or Spare Arlecchino In Lies of P

After solving the riddles and finding Arlecchino, you’re finally faced with a critical decision that tests your morals: should you kill or spare the King of Riddles?

As you engage with Arlecchino in the Sanctum of Riddles, he poses a question, asking if you identify more as a human or a puppet. Revealing yourself as “Human” leads to him stating that he feels akin to you, both of you trapped in the Ergo. He rewards your honesty with the Alchemist’s Cape, 1000 Ergo, and a Quartz, but the conversation doesn’t end there.

Arlecchino divulges more about his past, and it’s a grim tale. He’s not just a riddler; he’s a remorseless serial killer. This revelation might stir anger within you, or perhaps pity for this puppet who’s lost his way.

Image showing why you should kill the king of riddles in Lies of P.
A crime scene left behind by the King of Riddles.

Post-conversation, your interaction options with the King of Riddles shift, presenting an additional “Attack” option. Now, you stand at a crossroads.

Arlecchino, despite his heinous crimes, is no immediate threat. He’s a headless puppet, bound and incapable of harm. Yet, the atrocities he committed in his past, unrepentant and cruel, hang in the air. Do you enact justice for his victims and attack or show mercy and leave him in his eternal prison?

Whether you choose to kill him or not, you retain the Alchemist’s Cape, 1000 Ergo, and Quartz. However, deciding to end his twisted existence grants you additional loot — a Radiant Ergo.

My recommendation: Kill Arlecchino.