When you face off against a monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you can either capture or kill it. Which option you pick depends on the materials that you want. In this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guide, we are going to go over whether you should kill or capture monsters.

Capture Vs Kill Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Look into your Hunter Notes on large monsters and you will see what you get by capturing monsters and killing them. You can find the items you get by capturing them in the second column and items you get by killing monsters in the fourth column.

If you have not discovered every material that you can get from a monster, you will get a breakdown of the drop chance. If what you need can be obtained by killing a creature then you should carve it. If you have a higher chance of getting the item by capturing the monster then you should do that.

It is worth mentioning that captured monsters do tend to drop more materials. By capturing monsters, you have a high chance of earning multiple resources. Just check out the hunter notes before deciding in order to be sure.

This is what you need to know about whether you should kill or capture a monster in MHR: Sunbreak. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Monster Hunter: Rise guides hub.

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