In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, players find themselves in a high-stakes situation in a lavish casino. The mission, “You Know My Name,” unfolds in the opulent setting of the Black Sapphire hotel and casino. Here, V and Reed, disguised as guests, attempt to gather crucial intel while navigating the world of roulette. The choice of betting on red or black becomes a significant decision, and this guide is here to navigate you through this exciting scenario, ensuring you make the best choices for your gameplay.


About halfway through the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty campaign, V and Reed infiltrate the Black Sapphire hotel to help out as a sniper. After changing into snazzy clothing to blend in, they mingle with NPCs while waiting for Songbird. The mission leads to a game of roulette, where V is given an extra 100,000 credits to exchange for tokens and bet on red or black.

Meeting Aurore and Aymeric

While playing roulette, V meets twins Aurore and Aymeric. The objective is to engage them in conversation and scan their background information, all while making bets in between breaks in the conversation. The results of the betting seem to be random, but winning the “all-in” challenge is possible.

Betting Order

There are multiple betting orders you can go with, for example you can bet on black, black, zero, red, red, red, black, black, black, with the final all-in bet on black. You can also alternate between red and black. Despite the betting order, Colonel Hansen will eventually show up, leading to V’s exit from the casino. However, here’s the betting order I recommend:

  • 1st Bet: Black
  • 2nd Bet: Black
  • 3rd Bet: Zero
  • 4th Bet: Red
  • 5th Bet: Red
  • 6th Bet: Red
  • 7th Bet: Black
  • 8th Bet: Black
  • 9th Bet: Black
  • Final Bet All In: Black

Results of Winning Roulette

Winning the roulette will still lead to a confrontation with Hansen. However, winning big allows players to afford significant cyberware upgrades. The results of the roulette win will be remarked upon later in the game during a speech check by Hansen.

In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, the casino bet on red or black is a part of the mission “You Know My Name.” While the betting results seem random, making the right choices can lead to significant winnings and cyberware upgrades. Regardless of the outcome, players will still face a confrontation with Hansen, leading to further developments in the game’s compelling storyline where you decide whether to kill or spare Hansen.