In Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, players are faced with numerous mysteries to unravel. This involves gathering evidence from various locations to solve puzzles and progress through the game. One of the first challenges encountered is the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle, which is essential to advance the main storyline.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through solving the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened.

Puzzle Solution: Who Ruined the Strand

To crack the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle, you need the following pieces of evidence:

  1. Book from Barnes
  2. Newsboy’s Testimony

You can obtain the Book from Barnes early in the game, inside the apartment. To gather the Newsboy’s Testimony, exit the building and locate the newspaper seller across the street. Engage in conversation with the Newsboy to acquire his testimony.

Once you have collected the required evidence, use the Mind Palace mechanic to solve the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle. Open the Case Book and navigate to the Mind Palace section. Here, you’ll need to connect the Black Circles with the corresponding evidence, represented by Blue and Green orbs. By linking the correct evidence, the puzzle will be solved.

Mind Palace Puzzle

To resolve the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle, connect the Black Circles with the “Book from Barnes” and “Newsboy’s Testimony.” Upon completion, the answer will be revealed: “Barnes, the local bookseller, ruined the Strand.” Consequently, you will unlock a new piece of evidence called “Mr. Barnes is involved in the Scheme.”

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