Shenmue 3 Money Farming Guide – Make Yuan Fast, Sure Fire Tips

Shenmue 3 Money Farming

In most games with an economy, there is money to be made and while the games often make it harder for the player to make money, we make it easier. In our Shenmue 3 money farming guide, we will discuss some easy steps to make extra cash in the game.

One major bottleneck in Shenmue 3 is the lack of cash you have. The title is set on China, so Yuan is a primary currency. You need to farm Yuan to make it easier for you to progress in the game. You can buy various stuff for Yuan such as the Snake Power for combat, and garlic for HP boost. You also need money for quests but you are free to spend your money in the arcade.

Shenmue 3 Money Farming Tips

It isn’t that easy to make money in Shenmue 3, especially in the first location you visit. One of the early things you can do is Chop Wood that is going to net you around 70 Yuan each time you Chop Wood. It is the most basic activity you can do to get some money. Chopping Wood can be used to get some initial capital in Shenmue 3.

Head over to the Tao Get Store and talk to Tao Guanzhong. The store is just over the Verdant Bridge where you can get your Wood chopping task from Tao. You get around 350 Yuan by chopping wood for Tao. Now, let’s have some fun with the money and see if we can farm money in Shenmue 3.

Go past cow paddock and keep to your right, and follow it round to where there are a few gambling games. Buy 3000 gambling tokens for 300 Yuan from Zhong Ziliu’s stand. Keep 50 token to yourself and go through the village square, past the old man and turn left to the street sign. Reach the Panda Market where you’ll see another sign, take a left and reach Sunset Hill. Keep a lookout for the Yin and Yang sign and enter the shop to speak with Zhu Tianwen who is a fortune teller. Give her some money for a Color Fortune to know your favorite color. Now go to the gambling area near her shop.

Talk to the man there and play Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon. Bet 1000 tokens on this game but remember your lucky color and bet on it. The bird is green, the moon is yellow, the wind is blue, and the flower is red. Getting your lucky color doubles your odds of winning. If you win you get 4x your betting money, it is a good way to farm money in Shenmue 3. Color effects last two hours so you will have to go back for a new reading. Go back to the Panda Market with your winnings and buy items you can’t equip such as gems. You can later exchange these for Yuan. There is a pawnbroker next to the Prize Exchange where the trading can take place.

How to Farm Money in Niaowu

Niaowu is the second location of this game where the process of farming money is pretty similar. Use the main street to reach the GAME sign where you can gamble. However, get a color reading from the fortune teller near the gambling area. Now repeat the process and play the same game, Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon. Bet on your lucky color to make some easy money. Go to the Prize Exchange at the Prize Cafe, up the stairs. Here you can buy gems and sell to the pawnbroker.

This marks the end of our Shenmue 3 Money Farming Guide. If you need more help with the game check out our hidden kids locations, and Bookie with the facial scar guide.