After a long wait, Shenmue 3 is finally out and it features many interesting and unique quests. During one of the main quests, the player is asked to find hidden kids around the area. In our Shenmue 3 guide today we will reveal all hidden kids’ locations.

Hidden Kids Locations

There are four kids you need to find to complete this mission. The game doesn’t do a good job of telling you where they are and only provides a vague idea.

Location #1 – The first kid has run into the sunflower fields nearby. However, don’t enter through the first entry point. What you need to do is run further up and you will come across a second entry point to the sunflower fields. Use that route to enter the sunflower fields and you will see a little girl in the red dress.

Location #2 – The second child is easy enough to find. There are a few houses across from the sunflower fields, and there is a cart at the end of the houses. Your second kid is behind the cart. Interact with the kid and move on to the third child.

Location #3 – The next child is behind the houses on a ladder. You can find her at the house with the granny sitting on the porch area. Interact with the child and move to the next kid.

Location #4 – The last one is a bit hard to find but we’ll do our best to explain where the kid is. The kid is in a house with the door slightly open, the house is in the back and has a statue in front of it down towards the river.

Hope this guide helps you complete the quest in Shenmue 3. This marks the end of our Shenmue 3 hidden kids locations guide. If you need more help with the game check out our guides section.