The Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon bookie in Shenmue 3 is a female character in one of the early quests in the game. The objective will be to find her and get information on the thugs. Finding her isn’t hard at all but you might have to wait sometime to meet her. This guide will include all the details on where to find the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon bookie in the game and what happens when you find her.

Shenmue 3 Flower, Bird, Wind And Moon Bookie

First, go outside the village to the Joy Park and approach the mini-game stall she should be sitting at. When you approach the stall you will see that the bookie, Song Sun isn’t there so talk to Jin Heguang about this and he will tell you to come back at 7 PM because she is usually at this park at that time.

Go back to the park at 7 PM and approach her stall. Talk to her about the thugs but before getting the information you will have to compete and win a mini-game. Go and get some token and come back to bet.

One of the ways to easily win the mini-game was brought to attention by a friend of mine. This easy way requires you to save before you start gambling. If you lose you can lose the previous file and keep betting until you win. After that when you win the mini-game you can talk to her.

She will tell you that the thugs went to Sunflower Grove. Then you have to complete the rest of the quest as it as. The only tricky part is finding the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon bookie and getting the information out of her by winning the game she presents.

That is all for our Shenmue 3 Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon bookie Guide. If you need more help with the game check out ourĀ hidden kids locations, andĀ Bookie with the facial scar guide.